Chewing Gum Effects

Advantages and Disadvantages of Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum Effects are provided in this article and this will guide your choice of Gum chewing. Read and you’ll be glad you did.

Chewing Gum Effects

Chewing Gum Benefits for Brain

Disadvantages of Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum Effects
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Many people chew guns daily. While some chew it for fun, others chew it. They know the health benefits and others just do not chew it because they think that chewing gum is detrimental to oral health.

Whether you think that chewing it is healthy or unhealthy, you are right. We hope that at the end of this article, you will be gradually exposed to the truths about gum chewing and you’ll then decide if chewing guns are best for you or not.

The habit of chewing gum did not just start in our time, it has been around for a while. The ancient Greeks normally used the barks of trees to freshen and sweeten their breath, little did they know that they were creating a foundation upon which the next generations come will build.

Chewing guns today has so many advantages, only that most people shine the light on the disadvantages and forget about the advantages of chewing gum. We will carefully analyze the advantages of chewing gum as well as its disadvantages.

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Advantages of Chewing Gum

1. Boosts Mental Alertness

In 2010, research was carried out and it was proven that Chewing gum has the potential of boosting one’s mental alertness.

It is normal that when you chew, you stimulate your brain, and a lot of blood is redirected to your brain this helps to improve the brain’s functionality.

The excess supply of blood while chewing helps a person to think in whatever dimension he or she wants at a faster pace compared to if the person wasn’t chewing at all it also helps the person stay alert.

Critically observe yourself or others whenever they chew, you will never see anyone chewing and is not on alert.

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2. Boosts the Memory

The brain is a very important part of the body. It is the main pair of the body that controls the sanity of a person.

If you have an examination or test to write, try chewing gum and you will see how the memory section of your brain is awakening.

The magic is not in the gum you chew, it is rather in the act of chewing. When you chew, you are directly increasing the activity in a part of your brain called the ‘hippocampus.’

The hippocampus is a section of the brain that is very important as far as memory is concerned; chewing wakes it up.

3. Chewing gum also helps to reduce the accumulation of biofilm or bacteria on the teeth

It makes the bacteria’s restless and unable to settle on the teeth thereby, reducing their activities to the minimum and making sure that the teeth are free from the potential harm of bacteria.

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4. Improves oral health

People suffering from gingivitis or calculus have sometimes been advised to chew a lot of gum because of its power to treat and manage oral health.

Disadvantages of Chewing Gum

Don’t get too excited about the advantages of chewing gum, there are some disadvantages too; let’s quickly take a peek at them.

1. It makes the jaw imbalanced

When you chew a lot of gum, it sometimes creates a jaw imbalance. Not so many have learned to chew on both sides of the mouth, a lot of people chew on one side, leaving the other side hanging while chewing.

This can greatly affect the jaw of a person and cause him to have what is medically referred to as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) as a person continues with the habit of chewing on one side, the TMJ often transcends to something more serious, and complicated.

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2. Promotes Gastrointestinal problems

When you chew, you are constantly subjecting your intestine to deception through the act of swallowing air. The body is structured in a way that after chewing, swallowing cokes next.

Whether consciously or unconsciously, when you chew, your mouth sends in something to the intestine, and when you chew gum, it sends air instead of a soluble or liquid substance, and this, in turn, makes you develop in the long run abdominal pains.

3. It is an anti-weight loss

Those who want to lose weight but keep chewing gum will not lose weight because chewing gum does not support weight loss.

When you chew gum, by default it makes you hungry for food. Most times, the only foods that come in handy are junk food which is rich in excessive fats and as you well know, when you consume fats, you are encouraging more weight.

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If you still want to chew gum, you can go ahead to chew gums that have less sugar content because, for oral hygiene, sugar is a no.

It is pertinent to also have it at the back of your mind that anything, no matter how good it is when done in excess could sponsor a danger to one’s body system.

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