Top 10 Best Nursery/Primary Schools in Borno State

Top 10 Best Nursery/Primary Schools in Borno State are listed with their addresses provided in this article for you.

Top 10 Best Nursery/Primary Schools in Borno State
Top 10 Best Nursery/Primary Schools in Borno State – Photo Source:

Nursery and primary schools are some of the main pieces of a youngster’s life, and some of the time, in the event that a few kids cannot get the best out of their grade school, it proceeds to influence them as they continue through different training.

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To avoid any form of learning gap, the schools listed below are in order of the best educators, offices, and helpful climate for the learning of pupils.

This article will highlight the best suitable schools in Borno State randomly in no order of priority.

1. Care Bears Nursery and Primary School

This school has one of the best facilities for learning. The school is located at R48P+3X4, 600282, Maiduguri, Nigeria, Borno State.

2. Delittle Nursery school

The school has truly assisted a ton of little ones with filling in Information. The school is located at R48W+H7G, Gwami Road, 600282, Maiduguri, Borno State.

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3. Kamsulem Nursery, Primary, Junior and Secondary school

This is a School that puts their consideration on drawing out the best in every kid. The school is located at R5J2+F99, metro Wulari Road, Maiduguri.

4. Mini Haha Nursery/Primary School

This grade school has a truly pleasant Helpful learning climate. It is in Maiduguri precisely located at Cemetery, Road, 600282, Maiduguri, Borno State

5. Kamsulum Nursery, Primary & J. S. S – School – Maiduguri

This school is located in R4RM+GWW, Maiduguri. The school has incredible educators.

6. Ibn Kyari Islamic Nursery, Primary & Secondary School

This School in Maiduguri is located at No.4 Immigration Street customs area opp. late Alh Gajimi’s residence Jere
Local Gov’t Jere, ward.

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7. All Denomination Nursery/ Primary and Secondary school.

The School is located in Maiduguri at R4HJ+343, 600282, Maiduguri, Borno State.

8. Namu Primary School Primary school in Maiduguri.

The school gives pupils projects and makes learning easily accessible for pupils. It is located at R5C2+Q8X, 600282, Maiduguri, Borno State.

9. Success Primary & Nursery School Maiduguri.

It is located at V567+HJM, Muhmet Lawan Street, Gamboru, Maiduguri.

10. Royal Day Nursery & Primary School Maiduguri

The school is known for showing perusing with phonics. It is located at V43F+H38, near the amazing grace church, Bolori 600282, Shuwari 1, Borno State. The contact for royal day nursery & primary school is 0806 319 6363.

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In conclusion, these schools are truly astounding with the pupils they produce and they improve the kids’ training, especially at the beginning stage of learning.

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