Solutions to Air Pollution in Nigeria

Solutions to Air Pollution in Nigeria
Solutions to Air Pollution in Nigeria will be explicated here. This will remind Nigerians of the negative effects…

Solutions to Air Pollution in Nigeria will be explicated here. This will remind Nigerians of the negative effects of polluted air and proffer solutions.

Environmental Pollution in Nigeria: issues and solutions

Solutions to Air Pollution in Nigeria
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The greatest gift on earth is air. Scientists often refer to it as Oxygen. Air is very important for the survival of everything that has life.

The moment a living thing stops breathing for a long period, life ceases. Air is made up of 21% oxygen and 78% nitrogen and the remaining one percent is a combination of other tiny particles.

Air pollution refers to a situation when air is contaminated as a result of its quality being altered through the release of dangerous chemicals or gases into the atmosphere. Once the air has an odor, it is said to be polluted.

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The air we breathe in Nigeria has been contaminated by so many factors which include:

  • Overcrowding
  • Wastes Production
  • A mixture of gases emitted from factories and industries
  • Pesticides and Insecticides uses on the farm for Agricultural activities
  • Combustion of fossil fuels
  • Bush Burning
  • Use of explosives
  • Feces from humans and animals etc.

When air is polluted, it leads to a lot of serious conditions that cannot be listed in all the books of the world.

Air contributes greatly to the lives of plants and animals, every living thing needs air to live healthily and when it is contaminated, EVERYTHING needs clean and quality air to live or run smoothly. For information, in this article we will briefly list some effects of air pollution such as the production of acid rain, it also prevents photosynthesis in many cases as the natural air needed for actual photosynthesis may have been contaminated.

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At a point in time, the whole earth was faced with a global warming challenge, this was a result of persistent air pollution.

When carbon dioxide is prevalent in the air, it sponsors the greenhouse effect on plants. Contaminated air also is a major cause of lung and cardiovascular disease.

Having listed the common causes of air pollution, it is important to provide a solution to these problems.

Since air pollution is a product of alteration of the normal scent of the air, it is also pertinent that we look at a few things we can start or stop doing to put an end to the pollution of air and also improve the quality where necessary.

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The Solutions to Air Pollution in Nigeria

See Solutions to Air Pollution in Nigeria below:

  1. Regulations should be made against unnecessary burning. Things should be recycled rather than burnt.
  2. Cars should operate on electricity rather than on fuel which burns and emits dangerous gases to the surrounding
  3. People should avoid overcrowding. Overpopulation is very detrimental to the well-being of a person.
  4. The use of explosives should be reduced drastically
  5. The government should set up policies that will regulate big industries from polluting the atmosphere.
  6. Human and animal wastes should be disposed of correctly to avoid contaminating the air.
  7. The use of Pesticides and insecticides should be reduced to the minimum in order to maintain clean and quality air for people to inhale.

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Quality air is achievable if everyone decides to put a stop to unhealthy lifestyles which pollute the atmosphere. This is not just the job is the government but a collective job for everyone.

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