How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Apartments

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Nigeria
How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Apartments will let you in on some very practical ways you…

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Apartments will let you in on some very practical ways you can get rid of cockroaches in your house.

What kills cockroaches instantly

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Nigeria
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Cockroaches are household pests. They like warm, damp, and dark corners. This explains why we have them when it is dark.

These creepy crawling insects have long existed before men and are likely to outlive men because of their high adaptability to harsh environments.

Cockroaches, sometimes known as roaches, are not known to hurt like scorpions that sting but they can leave their feces in your food and edibles and that can make you fall sick.

If you are wondering how cockroaches got into your house in the first instance, you need to know that roaches are attracted by the aroma of food, from those tiny spills in your kitchen to the crumbs from your table to the leftovers in the garbage bin. Many people detest and hate cockroaches but have no idea how to get rid of them.

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How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Nigeria

1. A clean house is the first deterrent for roaches

A clean environment is not such as is conducive for cockroaches. A very clean house is not a place where cockroaches can thrive.

So when you do your daily cleaning, raise the chairs and sweep them thoroughly. Make sure all the hideous corners are immaculately clean.

Dispose of the garbage, and do not leave food crumbs near the kitchen sink or dining tables. Ensure that everywhere is kept clean and free of what cockroaches feed on which are mostly carbs.

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2. Use of quick organic remedies

A mixture of some organic substances which are mostly harmless and would not contaminate the air you breathe can be used to repel cockroaches.

After sealing every possible means through which roaches could come in, you can then proceed to apply a mixture of sugar and boric acid (this is also called self-made roach bait).

The sugar attracts the cockroaches but the acid kills them. Another is a mixture of vinegar and water. Although, vinegar is a cleaning agent it repels cockroaches because the smell of vinegar is repulsive to cockroaches.

3. Use of pesticide

Here are two ways in which this method can be used. The first one is, getting the spray by yourself and spraying it after you have made sure to put away foods and fruits which may be contaminated if it comes in contact with the spray.

Sprays are very efficacious because they diffuse into walls and cracks which unknown to you is a habitat for roaches in your house.

The second option is to contact pest control companies. A pest control company is a group of experts in remedying and completely evacuating household pests with various technologies.

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4. You may consider using a growth regulator

A growth regulator stops cockroaches’ eggs from hatching. This becomes important because sprays do not kill young roaches or destroy their eggs which are well protected with cases and protective films.

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