5 Solutions to Cybercrime in Nigeria

5 Solutions to Cybercrime in Nigeria will be explicitly discussed in this article. This is to reduce the…

5 Solutions to Cybercrime in Nigeria will be explicitly discussed in this article. This is to reduce the rate of Cybercrime in the country.

Cybercrime in Nigeria and the way forward

Solutions to Cybercrime in Nigeria
Solutions to Cybercrime in Nigeria – Photo Source: http://thehimalayannews.com

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Recently, there has been a massive arrest of young guys who have been involved in a kind of business that involves the use of technological equipment for fraudulent activities.

These fraudulent activities are often referred to as Cybercrime. Just as the name implies, Cybercrime is the use of a computer or computer-related device to enhance crime either to a person or a system.

Otherwise, it can be defined as crimes that are committed with a criminal motive engineered towards causing financial loss, pains (physical, emotional, social, psychological, etc.), tarnishing of reputation, or even death.

The rate of Cybercrime in Nigeria is on the rise and it is quite alarming because it affects almost every sector in the country, thereby thwarting the development process. After all, when Cybercrime is on the rise in a nation, national development becomes almost impossible.

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Examples of Cybercrime in Nigeria

Cybercrimes are not only limited to robbing someone of his money via the internet, it includes the following:

  1. Hacking into a person’s computer or computer-related device.
  2. Post pictures of underage children on social media.
  3. Stealing one’s intellectual property.
  4. Spying to obtain confidential information.
  5. Impersonating a person through social media handles.
  6. Use of one’s content without prior permission by the author.
  7. Illegal mass surveillance.
  8. Child grooming ultimately leads to child abuse or child trafficking etc.

Unfortunately, Cybercrime is a crime that affects everyone at all levels of life. It happens both to the elites and low-class persons at different levels regardless of their exposure.

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Solutions to Cybercrime in Nigeria

With this crime affecting the nation’s GDP, the government and individuals can do a whole lot to stop the perpetrators of the act.

Here are some practical Solutions to Cybercrime in Nigeria:

1. More jobs should be created

The guys who do this dirty job of internet crime do it majorly because they want a better life either for themselves or a loved one, yet they do not want to be restricted to an 8 – 5 working schedule.

Creating a job for them that’ll suit their lifestyle could help them stay off crime. A great politician in Nigeria once said “if you want to catch a thief, you must be a thief or employ the services of a thief” As unreasonable as that may sound, if Cybercrime is to be reduced to the minimum, jibs with good take-home remuneration should be created and when one person is caught in the act of internet fraud, such a person should not be locked up in a cell, left to rot away, rather the person should be given a workstation and duly monitored to help track down others.

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2. The masses should be enlightened

It is next to impossible to safeguard yourself against a misfortune in which you are ignorant of its existence. Proper and adequate sensitization should be given to every person at various levels to ensure that they become smart and guide themselves against the criminals who try to steal their joy via the internet.

3. Children supervision

When children use the internet, they should be adequately supervised. They shouldn’t be allowed to visit just any site. Ideally, before parents hand an internet-enabled device to a child, the device should have some software pre-installed in it that avoids a visit to some websites prone to Cybercrimes.

4. More training

Nigeria is not the first country to face Cybercrime, as such, cyber securities should partner with global cybersecurity agencies to ensure that they are adequately trained to rebel against criminals.

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5. It begins with you also

It is not enough to be protected by government agencies, individuals should also protect themselves. Your passwords should be strong and reserved for you alone, say less to strangers on social media handles and websites.

The less a person you do not know personally knows about you, the safer you are. Cybercriminals only work with the information they have. If you give them nothing, they know nothing and they’ll do you nothing.

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