How to Be a Diplomat in Nigeria

How to Be a Diplomat in Nigeria brings to your perusal the necessary step to step guide on…

How to Be a Diplomat in Nigeria brings to your perusal the necessary step to step guide on how how to become a diplomat in Nigeria.

How to Become a Nigerian Diplomat

Nigerian Diplomat

How to Be a Diplomat in Nigeria
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A diplomat is a person appointed to officially represent a Government in its relations with their Governments or international organizations.

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As a Nigerian Diplomat, you will be required to live in other countries to represent Nigeria and its interest there. You can be either an Ambassador or a high commissioner.

Why should you be a Diplomat in Nigeria?

  • The job of a Diplomat is a dignified one.
  • You get a mouthwatering salary.
  • You get to travel extensively.
  • You get to associate with high-ranking personalities all around the globe.

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The duties of a Diplomat include:

  • Making peace treaties
  • Facilitating trade agreements
  • Maintaining healthy diplomatic ties with your host country.

To Become a Diplomat in Nigeria:

  1. You have to be between the age of 21 and 59. You must also be a natural-born citizen of Nigeria with proven integrity and without any criminal record.
  2. You should also possess a medical record that clears you to travel to any part of the world and survive in areas with limited access to health care services.
  3. Security checks are also done to be sure you are financially responsible and have no history of alcohol addiction and drug abuse.
  4. Before you undertake the official protocol of becoming a Nigerian Diplomat, do a personal assessment to determine if you are fit for the job. Ask yourself certain questions. For example, are you a good negotiator? Your main duty as a Diplomat is to represent the interest of Nigeria in that other country. If this is the case, then you need to possess effective negotiation skills.

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  1. Moreover, as an image-maker of Nigeria in a foreign country, you need to show the highest level of loyalty to Nigeria and its cause.
  2. Your faith in Nigeria needs not to be questionable.
  3. You should also behave honorably in your dealings with others.
  4. The ability to be observant and alert should also be in your area of strength.
  5. As a representative of Nigeria, a Diplomat should always be aware of and alert to any opportunity that will better Nigeria and exploit such opportunities.

The following are the steps on How to Become a Diplomat in Nigeria

To become a diplomat in Nigeria, you will need to take the following official steps:

  1. Join the Foreign Service Academy.
  2. The Foreign Service Academy is a department of the ministry of foreign affairs and is located in Abuja and Lagos.
  3. Its duty is to train interested applicants on the necessary knowledge and skills required to satisfactorily discharge the duties of a Diplomat.
  4. As a student officer, you will be trained in all aspects of diplomacy and international relations.
  5. The art of effective communication, dialogue, and negotiations as well as computer appreciation.
  6. International languages approved by the United Nations such as English, French, Arabic, and Spanish are also taught.
  7. Before joining the Foreign Service academy, there are some university courses that naturally put you ahead of other applicants. Such courses include History and International Relations, Political Science, etc.

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  1. After passing the necessary tests administered by the academy, you will be qualified to be sent to another country to represent Nigeria and its interest there.
  2. There are classes and subdivisions in the diplomatic rank, such as ambassadors, envoys, ministers, and charged’ affairs.
  3. After serving for a period of time in a country, you will be transferred to another country.
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