7 Advantages of Underpopulation

7 Advantages of Underpopulation are listed and explained in this article and we hope you find it informative and helpful to your research.

Advantages of Underpopulation

Advantages of Underpopulation
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Underpopulation is a type of population in which the number of persons living in a place or country is lesser than the number of natural resources made available to that region. That definition might not sound palatable but underpopulation has its own benefits.

Below are the Advantages of Underpopulation:

1. Resources are in abundance

As long as the natural resources made available in a particular geographical zone or area is more than the number of persons living in that area, there tends to be abundance, resources will usually not be lacking in that area, everything it is a situation in which everything a person may need in that region, provided it is available in that country, will be available for use and at a very affordable rate because it is overpopulation that sometimes provokes scarcity and inflation in most regions.

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2. Availability of employment

In areas where there is underpopulation, everyone who wants to work will usually find work to do at different levels because the job market is not packed up with people who are awaiting gainful employment in a firm.

Employment is easier to get in counties where there is under-population, there will be no need for unnecessary begging for alms as seen in countries or cities that have been densely over-populated.

3. Low pressure on social amenities

In a country that is overpopulated, there tends to be a lot of pressure on the basic social amenities, a lot of people tend to need health care, security, shelter, and other needs, this, in turn, leads to the strain of the government agencies responsible for the provision of these amenities.

In underpopulated regions, the pressure on these social amenities is minimal if there is any at all because everyone gets what they want without having to cry out or mount pressure on things or other people.

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4. Low congestion

Over-population is the major cause of traffic jams in developed cities like Lagos in Nigeria. When there are a lot of people, there will definitely be a lot of cars and these cars usually lead to congestion of traffic.

In under-populated countries or regions, the congestion is less, accidents are drastically reduced and safety of lives and properties on the roads are guaranteed. Aside from traffic, housing is easier and a bit affordable in less populated regions.

5. Adequate planning

Because fewer persons live in these areas, the area is well planned for, development happens in the region at a very fast pace and there is a chance for decent living in such countries or regions.

6. Low crime rate

In a country or region where everyone is gainfully employed, there will be a drastic reduction in the crime rate, everyone is quite busy and has no time for stealing other people’s properties.

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7. Low pollution

Under population reduces the level at which the atmosphere is polluted, it increases sound health and reduces global warming.

These are the advantages of Under-population, a closer look at it will reveal that it is even to our advantage if there is under-population everywhere in order to curb some unnecessary excesses that we have in the world today.

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