Solutions to Noise Pollution in Nigeria

Solutions to Noise Pollution in Nigeria
Solutions to Noise Pollution in Nigeria are discussed in this article. This is to proffer solutions to this…

Solutions to Noise Pollution in Nigeria are discussed in this article. This is to proffer solutions to this problem. You will find it helpful.

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Solutions to Noise Pollution in Nigeria
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Noise pollution, commonly called sound pollution or noise from the environment is the vast accumulation of too many sounds which ultimately have a very negative effect on a person or society’s wellbeing.

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It may also be defined as the abuse of sound by humans, animals, vehicles, equipment, etc. On the streets, sound pollution can be traced back to the presence of big earth-moving vehicles, damaged vehicles, and mechanical birds called airplanes.

A sound is said to be polluted when it is not unified or harmonized when there are too many persons, animals, or machines producing different sounds at the same time, the produced sounds become unpleasant, thereby leading to noise pollution. For noise pollution to prevail, some things have to sponsor it.

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Some of the factors responsible for noise pollution include:

1. Human

When too many persons produce sounds by either talking, snoring, singing different tunes, playing differently, etc.

2. Animals

When there are different species of uncomfortable animals in the zoo, garden, or compound.

3. Lawn/garden maintenance

In the quest to maintain a clean lawn, dome equipment is used which produces a lot of noise.

4. Uncontrolled Sound

Most people play a sound so loud in their homes, religious meetings, or offices, thereby deafening the ears of others.

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5. Machines

Use of noisy equipment in places where the sound is easily stored.

6. Vehicles

Blaring Incessant horns by impatient or angry motorists.

7. Industries

Some industries whose production process requires a lot of noise are sited close to residential buildings and this gives a lot of rising noise which is ultimately unpleasant to the hearing of people.

Some common effect of noise pollution includes but are not limited to:

  • Cardiovascular effects
  • Loss of hearing capability
  • Discomfort
  • Physical, Psychological, or emotional dysfunction amongst children
  • Tension

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Solutions to Noise Pollution in Nigeria

Below are Solutions to Noise Pollution in Nigeria:

  1. Individuals, religious bodies, and corporate organizations should try as much as possible to reduce the noise that emits from their musical equipment. Tunes and melody should be played to the healthy hearing of people. It is not embedded in how loud it is, it is the message that matters.
  2. The general public should be sensitized by concerned parastatals on the need to avoid loud music or sound generation
  3. Railway terminals or airports should be situated very far away from residential areas to avoid noise from airplanes.
  4. Companies whose operation cannot be possible without producing a lot of sounds should install some soundproof machines in order to help reduce the noise.
  5. Trees have a good record for preventing noise, therefore, a lot of trees should be planted around residential areas and even along some streets.
  6. Places in the community like schools, hospitals, banks, etc. should be declared a noise-free zone to avoid interference with regular activities.

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It is better for a place to be silent and dead than for noise to prevail. It becomes very confusing when a lot of things happen at the same time, this makes it very difficult for the average person to comprehend facts, think constructively, have privacy, etc. At whatever cost, noise pollution should drastically be reduced.

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