25 Interesting Facts About Nigeria

25 Interesting Facts About Nigeria are listed in this article. If you are reading this article, you probably…

25 Interesting Facts About Nigeria are listed in this article. If you are reading this article, you probably want to know more about Nigeria as a country.

Facts About Nigeria

25 Interesting Facts About Nigeria
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We will be sharing some facts about Nigeria. You will discover some things you probably didn’t know about Nigeria in this article.

25 Interesting Facts About Nigeria

1. Nigeria is a few months away from celebrating its 61st independence day, in a layman’s language, it can be well said that Nigeria is 60 years old.

2. It has a variety of languages which constitutes about 7% of the languages spoken in the world, however, Nigeria is made up of 3 major ethnic groups which are Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba. Other languages just fall under these three.

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3. The state in Nigeria with the highest number of languages is Taraba State. It has so many languages that even outnumbers that of 30 other African Countries.

4. Nigeria has 36 states and a Federal Capital Territory; Abuja.

5. Nigeria’s leading trade partner in Africa is Ivory Coast.

6. Nigeria, though filled with intellectuals is still one of the countries with a great number of unemployed youths.

7. Nigeria has the 3rd largest economy in Africa.

8. Predominantly in Nigeria are two major religions which are Islam and Christianity.

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9. The official language in Nigeria is English, but the country is also trying to adopt French as a second official language to complement English.

10. In 1985 when Babangida was the President, the exchange rate of Naira was 90kobo to 1 Naira.

11. As of 1975, a brand new car was sold for just 2000 naira and a plane ticket to London was sold for about 100 naira.

12. Naira began to lose its value in Obasanjo’s first term as President.

13. Talking of Wealth, Nigeria has 5 out of the top ten richest Pastors in the world.

14. The birth of twins is more likely in Nigeria especially Igbo-Ora in the Yoruba tribe which is reported to have 158 twins birth in every 1000 births.

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15. Nigeria has one-fifth of the total African Population.

16. Up until 1984, you didn’t need a visa in Nigeria to travel to the United Kingdom.

17. At a time in Nigerian history, the North had a greater literate people than any other tribe.

18. Nigeria has a citizen census of over 190,000,000 people.

19. In Nigeria lies the two great rivers; Niger and Benue.

20. Legislators in Nigeria are paid higher than their counterparts in other countries.

21. Nigeria is the country of origin of the Richest African in History – Aliko Dangote.

22. The most populated state in Nigeria is Lagos, making the total population in the whole eastern states put together.

23. The national flag was originally designed with a red star on the white.

24. The First time Nigeria took a loan was in 1977 and the loan was gotten from the World Bank.

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25. Nigeria is a land filled with milk and honey and has great potential to be a world-leading economy but some factors rebel against the growth of the economy of the country.

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