4 Solutions to Bribery and Corruption in Nigeria

4 Solutions to Bribery and Corruption in Nigeria are listed and discussed herein. There is a need to…

4 Solutions to Bribery and Corruption in Nigeria are listed and discussed herein. There is a need to proffer solutions to this problem.

Solutions to Bribery 

4 Solutions to Bribery and Corruption in Nigeria
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Nigeria is one of the countries in the world that has found itself in the nest where intense bribery has a firm grip on morality.

People at all levels twist the justice and freedom of others just to gratify their insatiable need for money. Bribery is the act of giving something to someone in order to get something that was not legally yours.

Bribery has many names in Nigeria such as commission, ticket, pass, sorting, papers, gifts, etc. It is not a new thing in the country and people seem to turn deaf ears to the drumbeat of the impending danger of bribery.

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No sector of the Nigerian economy is left behind in this, A student who has failed a course has to bribe the lecturer either in cash or in-kind, a junior politician bribes the so-called ‘godfathers’, an underperforming candidate bribes delegates, an employee bribes the employer.

While a bribe is given and collected, it is worthy to note that a bribe once given makes the giver lose his honesty and moral standards. How then can bribery be reduced or stopped in Nigeria?

Solutions to Bribery in Nigeria

Here are Solutions to Bribery in Nigeria:

1. Everything should be digitally and technologically operated

If everything is done via a built-up system where man has little or no influence over it, bribery will drastically reduce. Come to think of it, who will you give the bribe to when the system has been coded and when tempered with is easily noticed. As long as man has a say over the affairs of an industry or a country, bribery will often take the center stage.

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2. People should be taught their rights and given the right backing should their rights be violated

For instance, those who operate the transportation business often have to bribe the police officers on their way for no special reason at all. It has suddenly become a norm that you must give a bribe.

Anyone who doesn’t give them anything is unduly delayed. If the motorists know their rights and where the authority of each agency stop, they’ll be able to curb bribery in their business and make more money for themselves.

3. Strict rules and punishment should be enacted against bribery both in the private and public sectors

Truth is where there is no law, the order is usually very far away but when the law comes with severe punishment attached to defaulters, people sit up, buckle their shoes and try as much as possible to stay away from breaking the laws of the land.

Although it is not enough to make the laws, relevant agencies should make it known to the public when a defaulter is caught and punishment measures should be carried out to such.

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4. Religious groups should preach anti-bribery messages in their different places of worship

It is sad to say that bribery has penetrated even places of worship. Religious leaders should wake up and preach anti-bribery messages to members and also educate them on their rights and privileges as individuals.

However, bribery can only be reduced, it is almost impossible to kill it because it is in the blood of man to bribe his way to the heart of anyone especially when he wants to get to the top. Nigerians should be watchful when they receive gifts because no gift is really free. Some of them are bribes.

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