Solutions to Poverty in Nigeria

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The rate of poverty in Nigeria is quite alarming, to talk about this, some proffered Solutions to Poverty in Nigeria will be discussed in this article.

In Nigeria, there are only two kinds of people; the rich and the poor. The middle class either got richer or poorer during the period when the country went into recession.

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Solutions to Poverty in Nigeria

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This has increased the level of poverty in the nation. While the rich man glories in his fleet of cars, the poor man looks down to the earth for at least a meal in a day.

Nigeria has been ranked as one of the countries with an alarming rate of poverty level despite the wealth of the nation in its natural resources and intellect.

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The problem is not that we lack the means to wealth as a nation. Two basic things cause the poverty level to be on the increment in Nigeria. These are:

a. It is either we are cheated by the international community or,

b. We are depriving ourselves of our rights and privileges.

This article however will focus on the latter because even with the resources that come into the country, it is still enough to go round to the extent of alleviating poverty.

Solutions to Poverty in Nigeria

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The following are the Solution to Poverty in Nigeria:

1. Grassroots Development is one of the major Solutions to Poverty in Nigeria

The people at the top are not poor, it is those at the grassroots levels that experience poverty. When the resources of the nation are utilized, dividends should be given from the grassroots to the highest-ranking person in the nation.

Those who hold sensitive positions in the nation should shift their projects’ focus off the developed part of the country where the rich or average people live, they should go down to the villages where those who cannot afford a square meal dwell and create empowerment programmes with a feasible plan to sustain such programmes and make sure that every person in that community is well empowered.

2. Greed Should Be Ripped Off

Truth be told, the reason why the rich keeps getting richer is that most rich people in the country are still busy robbing the nation of their wealth just for personal enrichment. This is a very serious concern because this makes a set of people do the work and others benefit immensely from it.

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3. Internal Production Should Be Encouraged

No nation can reach the stage where 80% of all its citizens are living above average as long as the importation of goods and services is at a high rate.

Truth is, when a country embarks on a task of producing all it needs, there’ll be job creation, promotion, self-dependence, and growth in the economy.

But the reverse is the case when all that a nation needs is imported. This is why the ban on the importation of rice was a good move to the eradication of poverty.

4. Entrepreneurship Should Be Encouraged

Sadly, graduates still make up a great number of poor people in the country. People should be taught in schools and colleges to use their hands to make their ends meet.

People should tap into the wealth in their minds and create something that will sustain them and those around them. The government on its own cannot alleviate poverty entirely.

5. Companies Should Give Back

It is common to find big companies operate in a particular location and yet, the place still looks underdeveloped. When a company operates in a place and makes process TD from there, they should also contribute their quota to making sure that everyone around them lives comfortably. Profit is meaningless when the next man is begging for food.

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In conclusion, it is true that if you get all the money in the country and share it equally amongst everyone in the country, it is inky a matter of time before 80% of the people gets broke again.

This is why people should not just be given money in a bid to alleviating poverty, but they should be empowered to do something with their hands and brains.


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