Materials for Table Setting

Materials for Table Setting are given and explained in this article. We hope this guides you into a proper and accurate table setting.

Materials for Table Setting

Materials for Table Setting
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Setting up a table often has to do with arranging or fixing available materials or tables for each meal in such a way that every meal is attractively displayed. Tables can be set for both formal and informal meals.

Materials for Table Setting

When setting up the table, the following things must be put into consideration:

1. Determine the number of persons to be served and the menu before laying the table. Each person must have a cover; the cover refers to the place set for one person on the table.

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A cover contains the table mat, glass cup, side plate, and table napkin for each person. A cover normally is about 60cm long (depending on the size of the table, however).

2. Make the table design simple and natural. Avoid an over-elaborate table setting. Choose and use nice and lovely colors and materials to make the table design very colorful and pleasing to the eyes.

3. The setting of every table must one way or the other compliment the meals that would be eaten on it at a particular time.

Bearing these in mind,  the following table setting materials are needed if you must have a very good table setting; Table cloth,  side plate,  meat fork,  soup spoon,  glass cup,  table napkin,  wine glass,  plate mat,  bread knife,  meat knife,  fork, and spoon.

There are two kinds of table setting and there are; formal and informal.

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Formal Table Setting

This is a kind of table setting that requires a lot of other necessities aside from the regular table setting.

The formal table setting is often brought into play for instance when having a date, a business lunch,  engagement dinner, or other table meetings which require meeting up with someone that you are not entirely conversant with or a business partner.

To ensure an actual formalities table setting,  the following table setting materials are needed;

Side plate,  soup spoon,  fish knife,  meat knife,  spoon,  plate mat,  dessert fork,  bread or cheese knife, etc.  The materials to be used are however determined by the menu.

Informal Table Setting

The informal table setting is a kind of table setting often used by family and friends. In this kind of table setting,  meticulosity is often not required as every person is already conversant with the other but to make the table nice,  a lot of work is usually put into the arrangement but not as much as setting up the formal table.

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The materials needed for informal table setting include; a side plate,  napkin, table fork,  plate mat,  table knife, soup spoon,  dessert knife, spoon, fork, etc.

When setting the table,  the fork should always be placed with the pines facing upwards while the dessert spoon should be placed right above it, cutting the blade of the large dinner knife must be placed towards the plate mat.

In the case where there is no soup to be served,  the soup spoon should or can be replaced with the dessert knife.  The dessert spoons and forks should be paced at a right angle direction to the other cutleries that are used on the table.

With this information in mind,  you are better equipped with the items that you need to set up your table for any kind of meeting as long as you are able to determine whether it is a formal or informal take setting.

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