Natural Solutions to Low Sperm Count are listed and explained in this article. This problem can render a man’s life useless if not tackled.

How to Increase Sperm Count

Natural Solutions to Low Sperm Count
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How to Increase Sperm Count Naturally:

  1. Change your lifestyle
  2. Another thing is proper sensitization
  3. Do a lot of exercises
  4. Those who are involved in jobs like welding should wear protective clothing
  5. Avoid Insecticides
  6. Eats a lot of fruits and vegetables
  7. Go for Medical Checkups Often

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Low sperm count (oligospermia) is a situation in which the semen ejaculated or is released when having sex contains low sperm than normal.

It is not that there is no sperm present in the semen (this is another case called azoospermia), it is just that it is low. Every milliliter of semen in a man’s body contains nothing fewer than fifteen million sperm.

A man with low sperm counts most times lacks the capacity of impregnating his wife. This is because even though it is only one sperm out of the 15 million that is required to fertilize the eggs in the body of a woman, the woman’s body needs a reasonable amount of eggs to make the fertilization process possible.

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There are a lot of causes of low Sperm count which include:

  1. Environmental causes such as Chemical exposure, x-rays, overheating of the testicles, etc.
  2. Medical causes such as infection, ejaculation problems, varicocele, tumor, etc.
  3. Lifestyle causes such as occupation, smoking, use of unhealthy drugs, alcohol, emotional stress, weight, depression, etc.

Natural Solutions to Low Sperm Count

Considering the fact that it has caused a breakout in so many marriages, what are the Solutions to Low Sperm Count in Nigeria?

1. Change your lifestyle

Look at the causes of this challenge and conduct an evaluation in your life to check and see if you are currently practicing something that will cause a low sperm count in the nearest future.

Most people may not take the evaluation of their habits seriously simply because they feel good when they practice the bad things they have been doing but in the long run, it will be discovered that a proper evaluation in the day-to-day activities that a person carries out pays far better than living in the oblivion of the health detriments their actions bring to pass.

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2. Another thing is proper sensitization

Medical institutions, practitioners, and students should sensitize the masses on some common things they are doing that may ultimately lead to Low Sperm Count.

Information is power, people especially men should be armed with the information on how to prevent this embarrassing situation before it becomes a major case because the wise man was really wise when he said that ‘prevention is better than cure.

3. Do a lot of exercises

This helps to balance your hormones and increase healthy sperm. It does not have to be the most strenuous one, just do regularly anything that will help your heart beat faster.

If you must be x-rayed, request protective clothing to cover yourself at all times. Don’t expose yourself to situations that sponsor the frying of your sperm cells.

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4. Those who are involved in jobs like welding, should wear protective clothing

They should not do their jobs to the detriment of their health in the long run.

5. Avoid Insecticides  

Insecticides should be used only when human inhalation will be reduced to the minimum

There is no need to get a temporal relief that stores up a lot of long-time challenges.

6. Eats a lot of fruits and vegetables

This is not to say that you should become a vegetarian, rather, let fruits and vegetables constitute a major part of your daily meal.

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7. Go for Medical Checkups Often

It is also advisable that one goes for a medical checkup from time to time to know how the body is.

It prevents sudden ailments and worst-case scenarios.

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