Problems Facing Health Care in Nigeria

Problems Facing Health Care in Nigeria bring to your knowledge the various Problems Facing Health Care in Nigeria.…

Problems Facing Health Care in Nigeria bring to your knowledge the various Problems Facing Health Care in Nigeria. We hope you find it helpful.

Challenges in Health Sector

Problems Facing Health Care in Nigeria
Problems Facing Health Care in Nigeria – Photo Source:

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Human health is not something to be toyed with. The health sector of any economy is supposed to be well taken care of. However, that is not the case in Nigeria as the health sector is facing many challenges.

The healthcare sector of the Nigerian state has been performing below par. Things are really not right. This post brings to you a list of the factors sabotaging healthcare delivery in Nigeria.

The Problems Facing Health Care in Nigeria

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The following are the major problems facing health care in Nigeria:

1. Lack of adequate infrastructure

The public health care system in Nigeria is faced with the challenge of poor infrastructure. Most government-owned medical centers are replete with dilapidated buildings, lack of water, and power supply. They also lack modern medical tools and equipment.

2. Another problem facing the Nigerian health sector is corruption

The corruption in that sector is overwhelming. Funds earmarked for health care enhancement do not always go to the appropriate quarters.

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On the few occasions that such funds might get to the appropriate hands, improper management, and utilization on the part of the major stakeholder’s results.

For instance, it was recently in the news that the medical center of a certain Nigerian university intentionally inflated the figure for a positive diagnosis of HIV/AIDS to raise the amount of anti-retroviral drugs and make undue gains with the excess.

3. Healthcare workers have very poor attitudes to work

Many medical practitioners, ranging from doctors to pharmacies and nurses do not show commitment to the work they are paid to do.

They go late to work; they leave early; embark on incessant strike action; they lack empathy for patients; use office time to run their private clinics or other personal affairs and are also too money-minded.

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4. Poor funding is another problem facing the Nigerian health sector

Medical institutions in Nigeria are poorly funded. The government has not released enough funds for hospitals and medical research centers in Nigeria. In the absence of enough resources to procure basic medical needs, problems set in the day-to-day operation of medical facilities.

5. Lack of proper training on the part of medical personnel is also another challenge facing healthcare delivery in Nigeria

It is a well-known fact that some medical professionals in Nigeria are not well-trained to handle the lives of others. There have been cases where surgeons forget surgical tools in the bodies of their patients which later caused serious health complications.

Some doctors do not make proper recommendations while others lack the ethics expected of medical professionals. Laboratories in medical schools are below standard and medical students are not exposed to standard medical tools.

6. Healthcare delivery is also challenged by a lack of proper and adequate medication

There have been instances where pharmacies and doctors tell patients that appropriate drugs for their ailments are not available.

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7. Other problems facing the medical system in Nigeria include a lack of standard medical tools; failures of different governments to pay salaries on time; lack of concern from the private sector as well a lack of basic amenities in the Nigerian society as a whole.

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