Top 5 Polytechnics in Nigeria

Top 5 Polytechnics in Nigeria outlines 5 best Polytechnics in Nigeria. Read and unveil the reasons they are…

Top 5 Polytechnics in Nigeria outlines 5 best Polytechnics in Nigeria. Read and unveil the reasons they are considered the best Polytechnics in Nigeria.

Best Five Polytechnics in Nigeria

Top 5 Polytechnics in Nigeria
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We live in a world where most people want to follow through with their courses of study in reputable universities instead of polytechnics because most of them think that polytechnics are for those who can’t meet up with the University requirement for admission.

People segregate some graduates because they went to a polytechnic while they attended university. As a result of this, series of conversations and dialogues have been held just to compare the differences between the two but it only results that both polytechnics and Universities are citadels of learning and the graduates from the two should be given equal opportunities.

This article does not however intend to defend any of the two but to look at some of the outstanding polytechnics in Nigeria.

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Have you finished secondary school and are looking for a polytechnic that is termed the best? Or you are carrying out research to know which polytechnic is the best in terms of structure and operating procedures?

Just like every person, every institution of learning has its strength and weaknesses. While some are structurally okay, others offer just quality content delivery making it sincerely a strenuous task to decipher the best between them.

However, the aim of this article is to point out to you the polytechnics who have sworn to achieve excellence at whatever cost and they have been in the business for a long number of years now in the country.

Best Polytechnics in Nigeria

Here are the Best Polytechnics in Nigeria:

1. Federal Polytechnic, Nedeke

Established in 1978 at Nekede, Imo State, Nigeria, the polytechnic has bred thousands of impact-making and record-breaking people in different fields of life. If you are looking for a place that will sponsor the creative spirit in you, try out Federal Poly Nedeke!

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2. Yaba College of Technology

Yabatech as it is fondly called is distinctive in all of the courses they offer. Talk of Yabatech anywhere in Nigeria and you’ll be amazed at the kind of results that will keep coming at you.

The institution is known both within and outside Nigeria, it sets the pace in qualitative learning and teaching. It has gone ahead of others and placed itself as an institution of class and excellence.

3. The Polytechnic, Ibadan

With a student strength of over 27,000, this polytechnic is one of the best polytechnics in Nigeria. It was formerly known as Technical College.

Provides students with training and development of techniques in various departments such as engineering, commerce, applied science, and environmental science.

4. Auchi Polytechnic

This polytechnic was founded three years after Nigeria gained its independence and has since written its name on the sand of time with its innovative system of teaching and learning. The institution provides a well-balanced educational system that sponsors creativity among its students.

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5. Imo State Polytechnic

Making the list today is the ever-advancing Imo state polytechnic. This polytechnic has recently introduced an advanced learning method called The Technology-enhanced Learning (TeL) Centre which is aimed at harnessing the potential of technology and relating it to the educational sector for the benefit of all the students on campus and for those who are not within the geographical area of the school.

There are many more polytechnics however who would make another person’s list based on our research, these five have proven not just to be the best but they have a promising future of making education fun-filled and at the same time, positively impacting the world through the hands of the future leaders.

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