Watery Sperms: Causes and Treatments

Watery Sperms: Causes and Treatment is discussed herein. This article is to help you in taking care of…

Watery Sperms: Causes and Treatment is discussed herein. This article is to help you in taking care of your health, and we hope you find it helpful.

Watery Sperm Causes

How Do You Treat Watery Sperm

Watery Sperms: Causes and Treatments
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Watery sperms are one of the disorders that have deprived some men of the opportunity to become fathers of children.

As embarrassing as it is to admit, most men do not know that they have issues with their sperm until they get into marriage and after quite a number of years, they are unable to have children.

A typical man releases semen during ejaculation (while having sexual intercourse), and the semen contains some amount of sperm and fluids from the reproductive organ of a man.

Originally, ‘semen’ is usually a thick and whitish substance but some infections or pressure can change the color or thickness of the semen.

Every man on earth is supposed to have fifteen million (15,000,000) sperm per milliliter of semen released. When a man is unable to have up to that amount of sperm present in a milliliter of semen released, he is considered to have a low sperm count.

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Watery Sperm: Causes

A lot of factors contribute to this deficiency and some of them include:

1. Infection

When a man is infected with any sexually transmitted disease such as gonorrhea or any other infection such as epididymitis that causes the swelling of a man’s reproductive organ, such a man is prone to low sperm count.

2. Masturbation

A man who is involved in frequent masturbation stands a high chance to have a low sperm count because it takes a while for the body to produce high-quality semen when masturbation is carried out before actual sex, the semen produced may contain a low amount of sperm to impregnate a woman.

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3. Pre-Ejaculation

Some men are ignorant that during sexual intercourse, two sets of ejaculation take place. The pre-ejaculation occurs first before the actual ejaculation.

The pre-ejaculation occurs during foreplay and should not be considered actual ejaculation. Ejaculation that has the potential to get a woman pregnant should contain a whitish substance.

4. Inadequate Zinc

The importance of men taking in a lot of fruits, foods, or substances rich in zinc cannot be overemphasized. Men who have an inadequate amount of zinc present in their bodies lack the potential to fight off low sperm count because there are some antibodies produced by the immune system which unfortunately becomes an anti-sperm substance thereby reducing the amount of sperm produced by the body.

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5. Hormonal imbalance

In order to produce quality sperm, the testicles, pituitary gland, and hypothalamus need to produce hormones in order to produce healthy sperm.

When any of these hormones cannot be produced, it ultimately leads to low sperm count.

Watery Sperm: Treatment

  1. Unlike other disorders in the body, low sperm count is simply a shortage of sperm and in order to treat it, stay away from sex for three days before your wife gets into her fertility period.
  2. If you are a perpetual smoker, quit smoking!
  3. Lose as much weight as possible
  4. Take in less alcohol as possible or practically avoid it. Doing this will help boost your sperm production

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  1. Exercise regularly
  2. Avoid masturbation as it increases the chances of having a low sperm count
  3. Take in a lot of zinc supplements to help your body fight off some antibodies that might prevent the production of adequate sperm.
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