6 Problems of Unemployment in Nigeria and 4 Possible Solutions

6 Problems of Unemployment in Nigeria and 4 Possible Solutions will be looked into in this article. This…

6 Problems of Unemployment in Nigeria and 4 Possible Solutions will be looked into in this article. This is one of the many problems in Nigeria.

Problems of Unemployment in Nigeria

Problems of Unemployment in Nigeria and Possible Solutions
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This article is aimed at bringing to your knowledge, the different problems caused by unemployment in Nigeria and by extension, outlining possible solutions to these problems.

Meaning of Unemployment

Unemployment in very simple terms refers to a state of joblessness that could be caused by so many different factors.  It is due to a particular economic mechanism.

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Problems of Unemployment in Nigeria

As ugly as the impending menace of Unemployment is, it has numerous problems accompanying it. Here are some Problems of Unemployment in Nigeria:

1. Increase in crime rates

Unemployment causes an increase in crime rates. This is a result of the fact that the unemployed fellow needs to scout for a way to make ends meet. He or she sometimes indulges in criminal activities all in a way of actualizing this.

2. It leads to waywardness

Unemployed people tend to be wayward as a result of their situation. The psychological trauma associated with unemployment is enough to disrupt their normal way of life, leading to wayward behavior by a majority of them.

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3. It increases poverty

Continual unemployment leads to increased poverty and a reduction in the standard of living in a particular entity. This is a result of the fact that the means are not available to cater to the prevailing needs. The increased poverty on the other hand poses dangers of malnutrition etc. and isn’t ideal for the citizens.

4. It could lead to suicide

Just as was elucidated above, the psychological effects of unemployment could lead to suicidal thoughts which could be made manifest in cases where the victim cannot control such. He/she could end his or her life as a result of unemployment.

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5. It causes massive emigration and stagnation in a particular country

People tend to migrate from areas with a high rate of unemployment to those with employment opportunities. This movement poses the danger of stagnation to such an entity while posing a risk of population explosion in the other. Such isn’t good enough for a country and ought to be curbed.

6. It makes the citizens lose faith in their country

In situations where young graduates cannot secure employment after spending many years in varsity, they lose faith in their country and scout for ways of making ends meet. This is not motivating enough for the younger generation and its effect on their mindset is quite alarming.

Solutions to Unemployment in Nigeria

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In view of the problems associated with unemployment, some solutions have been ascertained to be of good resolve. Some of these includes:

  1. The government should be more interested in industrialization as this is a good way of creating employment for the teeming population.
  2. In cases where the government finds difficulties with industrialization, more concern should be given to providing an enabling environment for foreign investors to thrive. This will also go a long way.
  3. The government should also encourage entrepreneurs, and owners of small enterprises through the issuance of grants and some financial benefits. This will also improve and help them stay in business.
  4. Skill acquisition should be integral to university education. This is to ensure that graduates are vested with skills that can help them manage life while scouting for white-collar jobs.

It is believed that unemployment can be done away with if serious efforts are made towards alleviating it. The government has played a major role in ensuring that, and the joint efforts of other key stakeholders will definitely make this a reality.

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