5 Ways To Protect Your Zoom Meetings From Hackers

5 Ways To Protect Your Zoom Meetings From Hackers are listed and discussed herein. We hope you find the article helpful and informative.

Protect Your Zoom Meetings from Hackers

Ways To Protect Your Zoom Meetings From Hackers
Ways To Protect Your Zoom Meetings – Photo Source: https://www.srm-solutions.com

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Due to a quick survey that has been made, the number of people working from home these days has skyrocketed and hackers are now on their toes to hack into so many programs online.

Because of the need for a real-life meeting setting, Zoom has suddenly become one of the fastest-growing applications that business people subscribe to.

Now, because of the fact that the majority of people are now working from home, it should not be a thing of surprise that the hackers have equally gone to work (at least, they too need to make their own illegal cash).

As a result of this, one of the many new tricks they have decided to use is to crash your Zoom program.

In most cases that have been reported, the carefully thought out program you organized just crashes and you think it is all over but crashing your program is just the first of the many steps they are taking to frustrate your plans. They also take over space and begin to share materials that are quite inappropriate.

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Ways To Protect Your Zoom Meetings From Hackers

In order to fully protect your programs, here are a few things you should do:

1. Disable Guest Screen Sharing

When the screen sharing is restricted to the host of the program, you can collect the power to be any to share any other content from their desktop from any other person and restrict it to only you the host.

This will not stop uninvited guests from coming into the program, it will only stop them from taking over the meeting or sharing their own content.

2. Require the Host to Be Present

The zoom application gives the organizer of a program the ability to select whether the meeting could start with his presence or not. To stop hackers, you need to turn this feature off and make sure that meetings only start when you as the organizer are present.

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3. Keep Your Personal Meeting ID Private

Under no circumstance should you share your personal meeting ID (PMI) online. If you do this, it becomes very easy for anyone to find it and join any meeting you’re hosting.

Instead of sharing make sure you use a unique meeting ID for each separate meeting you’re hosting. When you arrange a meeting, you can have Zoom do this by default. Just make sure the “Use Personal Meeting ID when scheduling a meeting” is toggled off.

Good enough, this won’t only keep away the online scammers, but it also helps make sure that you don’t mistakenly end up with the attendees from your next meeting dropping in early.

4. Use a Password

If you are making use of your PMI, you can always enable the feature in Zoom which protects those programs with a password, and only share the password with the people you want to attend your meeting. Just be careful not to share it online, otherwise, it defeats the essence of the password.

5. Use the Waiting Room

Another great option is to make use of the waiting room feature, which puts every guest in a virtual waiting room until the meeting starts.

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When you’re ready, you’ll then have to manually admit your guests like what you will do in reality. This feature gives you control over who can attend and makes it easier to keep unwanted guests out.

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