Why are Mondays so Depressing – 9 Reasons

Why are Mondays so Depressing – 9 Reasons are discussed herein. we have carefully examined such possible reasons.

Reasons why you hate Monday morning

Why are Mondays so Stressful

Why I dislike Monday morning

Why are Mondays so boring

Anxiety about going to work on Monday

Why are Mondays so Depressing
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You will find information on the questions and insinuations below:

The first working day of the week often comes with a lot of care and worries to some people, that’s why the phrase “Thank God it’s Friday” was invented.

Some people find it more interesting when they get to know that they are going to have a day off or a holiday, it would even please them if they realized that the holiday is extended for a day or two.

Primarily, the thought of work steals joy from the hearts of some people, they wish that the weekend can be extended. Some people know why this is happening while others do not know. Hence, in this article, we will look at some reasons why Monday mornings are not the best days for some people. Let’s get started.

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Why are Mondays so Depressing:

1. You hate your work

That’s the problem. You do not want to go to work because you feel like you are wasting your time there. You don’t just like what you are doing but you just have to do it so that you can gather some money to pay your bills.

2. You Hate your Boss

Sometimes, you could like your work but hate your Boss. Maybe he is a perfectionist and never sees anything wrong with it or other times, he makes you feel that you are less than your worth. Your boss could be the reason why you are not enjoying your Monday mornings

3. Your Coworkers

It’s so frustrating when you have to pursue a vision together with someone that is either too passionate or lacks no passion at all for what he does. This is where some of our coworkers are; this attitude of theirs is rather annoying and especially if you are a well-balanced person. Sometimes, they could be passionate but still annoying.

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4. Your job lacks fun or rewards

It can be so disheartening when you work and you are not rewarded in any way for what you do. It hurts. Most times, we join a new company and find joy in the things that are done there, and suddenly, the feeling diminishes. This will certainly make going to work on Monday morning less appealing.

5. You do not believe in the work that you do

This could be a result of anything but for whatever reason, when you lack belief in the work that you are doing, you will find yourself struggling to do even the things you know how to do well and this is not quite exhilarating.

6. You do not like your Job description

Sometimes, organizations just swap job roles and assign a less interesting role to their staff, thereby, killing whatever enthusiasm that the person once had for the job most time, this results in the other party hating the job he does.

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7. You are not paid well

This should have even been the first thing because if you are being paid properly, you may not be feeling the way you feel about Monday mornings. It could be because of this, subconsciously, you feel that your workplace does not deserve you but you are scared of launching into the labor market to scout for new opportunities because of the huge number of unemployed people.

8. You are overworked

Some small organizations know how to work the hell out of people. They give you so much work to do and on some occasions, these jobs are not included in your job description.

9. You are not adequately appreciated

This too is very important but some organizations do not know. You need more than your salary, a “Thank you” or “well done” is what you expect but you do not get it.

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You are not alone in these, so many employees are facing one of these but to keep body and soul together, you need to just go ahead with your job.

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