Solutions to Street Hawking in Nigeria

Solutions to Street Hawking in Nigeria will be provided in this article. Street hawking is very dangerous, especially…

Solutions to Street Hawking in Nigeria will be provided in this article. Street hawking is very dangerous, especially for little children.

Child Street Hawking

Project Work on Street Hawking

Solutions to Street Hawking in Nigeria
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A situation where a person takes up a product in his or her head and moves from one place to another, beckoning interested buyers to patronize him or her and ultimately making sales is often known as street hawking.

In Nigeria, street Hawking is so common that you rarely enter an average street or major road without seeing these folks trying to make sales of their products.

The traffic lights in the country have since served as a major place where you can buy virtually everything you can think of.

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Thanks to the street hawkers. They sell even things that you may not even think of. Street hawking has also been a great avenue where emerging companies promote their products since they cannot penetrate the markets, they opt for street hawking by giving their products to the hawkers with branded T-shirts, these people then market the product for a commission.

Why do people hawk goods?

The major reason why people do this risky job is to make ends meet. Most of the people who hawk would not have done so if they had enough capital to start the business in a location.

Many others think that hawkers make more sales than those who are limited geographically. While some others, especially the little ones hawk on the street for their parents just so that they can raise money to pay their fees.

Solutions to Street Hawking in Nigeria

What are the Solutions to Street Hawking in Nigeria?

It is not enough to chase these people off the streets. Some of them will not be there if they had a better choice or option because everyone who hawks on the streets has come to terms already with the associated risks involved in hawking.

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Before stopping street hawking, an alternative must be created. The government should provide something for these hawkers to do in order to stop hawking.

Most of those who hawk are graduates who are tired of looking for jobs with no hope of finding them, others have sick parents or children at home.

Remember the popular saying that ‘na condition make crayfish bend.’ The government should address that condition first before talking about sending them off the street.

Secondly, people should stop patronizing them. No business will survive when there are no clients. No matter the resilience of a street hawker, if no one buys what he/she is selling for many days, he will automatically stop hawking on the street.

But as long as there are customers, the business will keep flourishing. Also, after creating a substitution for street hawking, the government should enforce a law that punishes hawkers and their customers. This will work faster.

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Thirdly, the dangers of street hawking should be spelled out in bold letters. Some people think that they know what they don’t know.

Organizations should organize seminars and conferences for street hawkers and enlighten them on the dangers of street hawking and at the same time, show and guide them to the available alternatives.

Fourthly, start-up loans at very low or no interest should be made available for street hawkers who would love to start up their businesses at a more advanced scale. This will really go a long way since the risk to a person’s life will be reduced.

Fifth, children (they make up about 70% of street hawkers) caught hawking should be arrested and taken to their parents who will then be taken to the relevant child abuse agencies for the further weight of the law rested upon them.

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In conclusion, Street hawking demotes any nation where it is found and it does not rest on the shoulders of the government alone to eradicate it completely.

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