Importance of FRSC in Nigeria

Importance of FRSC in Nigeria
Importance of FRSC in Nigeria are itemized in this article to let you in on why they often…

Importance of FRSC in Nigeria are itemized in this article to let you in on why they often stop vehicles and cars on the highway.

Functions of FRSC in Nigeria

Importance of FRSC in Nigeria
Importance of FRSC in Nigeria – Photo Source:

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FRSC is an abbreviation for Federal Road Safety Commission. FRSC in Nigeria is responsible for ensuring highway safety for all road users by taking disciplinary actions against those who breach road rules.

They have been given the responsibility to check the roadworthiness of vehicles driven on highways and are authorized by the government to stop the use of cars that are not roadworthy.

FRSC also hey advises the government on the infrastructures and road fixtures (like traffic lights, bumps, speed-breakers, road signs, speed limits, etc.) that should be in place to reduce accidents to the minimum or eliminate them.

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Importance of FRSC in Nigeria 

1. Educate the public on the need for road discipline

FRSC often takes to radio stations and television programs through which they sensitize the public on the need to maintain a high level of discipline on the highways.

They caution all rough drivers and cyclists, talking about the risks associated with common road malpractices such as taking phone calls when driving or using an earpiece when riding a bike.

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2. Recommend areas where devices that can reduce accidents need to be placed

Some road fixtures can contribute greatly to the reduction of highway accidents which are known to claim many lives yearly.

The FRSC can recommend speed-breakers or bumps right outside a school gate or a zebra crossing to make crossing easy for schoolchildren.

FRSC could also talk the government into the installation of traffic lights in central spots of a busy city to reduce accidents from hasty drivers during rush hours.

3. Make roads safe for users

The safety of road users depends a lot on the FRSC. Not only do they make the rules, but they also have the responsibility of making both literate and illiterate road users know the rules, and helping them read the symbols and signs placed along the roads.

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With this, road users know what an arrow means a sharp bend or a T-junction, a one-way, etc. They also check whether the car owners are with their driver’s licenses, fire extinguishers, and other items needed in the event of an emergency.

4. Design and distribution of driver’s licenses

It is FRSC that states the criteria and requirements an individual needs to have met before he or she can get a driver’s license.

What driving skills should a person have acquired in driving school before he or she is qualified to get a driver’s license? This is to prevent the issuance of driver’s licenses to Nigerians who are not yet eighteen years old.

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5. Designs and distributes plate numbers for vehicles

No two plate numbers are the same and this serves as an identification number for cars. In cases where a car has been used for an illegal operation such as kidnaps or armed robbery, these numbers are used to trace and track down those responsible. Plate numbers are also useful in retrieving stolen cars.

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