Insurgency in Nigeria: Causes and Solutions

Causes and Solutions to Insurgency in Nigeria
Insurgency in Nigeria: Causes and Solutions is the focus of this article. This is to contribute to the fight…

Insurgency in Nigeria: Causes and Solutions is the focus of this article. This is to contribute to the fight against insurgency.

Causes of Insurgency in Nigeria and way forward to curb the menace

Causes and Solutions to Insurgency in Nigeria
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The insurgency has been a major concern in Nigeria which has ultimately led to the loss of lives and properties. In recent years, the insurgency has almost taken the seat of power from the hands of elected officials to the hands of citizens who plan a coup against what they consider to be immoral or unfair. Before we move further, we should outline the meaning of insurgency in Nigeria.

Insurgency is an intentionally organized movement poised at overthrowing or destructing a constituted government using a systematic approach, espionage or spying, acts of terrorism, and protest that are not peaceful.

Oftentimes, the people who take part in insurgency provocation are not counted and are seen as legal and endorsed to choose what is best for the country. This is why the government at all levels put up strategic counterattacks against insurgencies.

There can be no effect without a cause, as such, it is important to outline the causes of insurgencies in Nigeria before we can proffer possible solutions to the menace.

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Causes of Insurgency in Nigeria

1. Poverty

When a man is hungry, there is a natural tendency to revolt against a person or people. The high rate of poverty in the country is a catalyst for increased insurgencies in the country

2. Nepotism

When people feel cheated and robbed of their opportunity to make ends meet just because things are not given on merit, it contributes to a high rate of hatred against a government or people.

3. Unemployment

When people do not have any job to do but want to do something, they’ll easily subscribe to anything that is brought before them.

4. Tribalism

In Nigeria, some tribes think of themselves as the majority and most importantly, they have this domineering spirit and tend to dominate others. The other faction who often feel cheated will always revolt against them.

5. Ignorance

Some people do not know what they want. They just follow the wish of a higher personality without thinking of themselves and what is important to them.

When people do not even know their fundamental rights, they can be easily swayed by every wind of doctrine.

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6. Religion

In the case of the Boko Haram insurgencies, we will agree that the horrible situation is crafted and masterminded by religious extremists.

Having enumerated some of the causes of insurgencies in Nigeria, it is also important to look at some things that can be done as a country to free ourselves from the claws of the serpent that is threatening the peace, comfort, and development of Nigeria.

Solutions to Insurgency in Nigeria

Here are Solutions to Insurgency in Nigeria: 

1. Empowerment of the military and other security agencies

The armed forces of Nigeria are not properly equipped to fight insurgencies. The government must ensure that the military personnel has all that they need to aid them to fight off the threat.

2. Bad and corrupt people should be ripped out

When you try to fight a situation but have an insider working against you, the fighting process will become difficult. Security agencies should try their best to sanitize the system and rip out the bad eggs.

This is not also limited to security agencies. The government at all levels should also ensure that they do not have a spy in their cabinet who will leak confidential information to the perpetrators of these treacherous acts.

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3. Employment opportunities should be created

Just like the N-power, other job creation platforms should be created to curb the menace of insurgency. When a man has work to do, he will be more focused instead of doing things that are not beneficial to him.

4. Citizens should speak up

Insurgencies do not grow big overnight. It starts with peer-to-peer conversations and small meetings. When you see people discuss things that could bring a problem to a person or people, do well to report the relevant agencies before the group get more support

5. Learn from the masters

Nigeria is not the first country to have insurgencies. Other developed nations have experienced it. The government should seek counsel and advice from those who have succeeded ahead of them, employ their latest technologies and intelligence and use it in the fight against insurgency.

6. Religious Leaders also have a lot of work to do in teaching their followers against the dangers of extremism

And everyone should be fully aware that any religion that sponsors the shedding of blood is not a religion to be reckoned with.

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7. People should not be discriminated against based on their tribes

We may have many tribes but the reality is that we are one people and we should sponsor unity in diversity.

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