Punishment for Cultism in Nigeria

Punishment for Cultism in Nigeria is discussed in this article. It is to guide you with the implication…

Punishment for Cultism in Nigeria is discussed in this article. It is to guide you with the implication of getting involved in this illegal act.

Anti Cultism Nigeria

Punishment for Cultism in Nigeria
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Cultism is belonging to a group with extreme beliefs and in some cases when it is a secret cult its rules are not disclosed to anyone who is a non-member.

Members of cults are called cultists who pledge their loyalty to the cult heads and follow all the instructions dished out, whether they antagonize common sense or rationality.

In the early days when cultism began in Nigeria on university campuses as fraternities, the main objective was to ensure law and order and put an end to victimization on our campuses.

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But these days the direct opposite is the case, as cults have become the reason why there are riots and unrest in many of our higher institutions, polytechnics, colleges of education, and universities.

The activities of cultists and cult groups go from painful inscriptions on the skin of their members, to training ambassadors of violence, armed robbery, rape, drug abuse, spreading terror in communities and cities, etc.

Most cultists claim that they joined cults because of the need to feel accepted, have people watch their backs, become bold, fearless, and popular, take revenge on their offenders, and peer influence or pressure.

Although some adults belong to cults, some acting as patrons and grand patrons for the deadliest cults in the country, the growing number of teenagers and youths who get initiated into cultism is alarming and the ones who lose their lives yearly to cult activities such as attacks and reprisal counter attacks is also worrisome.

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It is for this reason that in recent times many states in the country have enacted strict disciplinary measures in their by-laws both to punish apprehended cultists and to serve as a deterrent to intending offenders. Cultism is a social crime and the law regards cults as unlawful societies and associations.

Punishment for Cultism in Nigeria

  1. A member of a cult or anyone who allows cult meetings to be held in your residence or a structure that belongs to you is regarded as a felony and the individual whose premises have been used will receive a 3-year imprisonment sentence. This applies to those who live in the southern part of the country according to the Criminal Code Act.

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  1. In the Penal Code Act which is binding for those in the Northern part of the country, anyone who participates in cult activities as a member or allows cult meetings to be held in his or her residential area or on premises owned by him or her will be liable to spend 7 years in prison with or without a fine depending on the situation in which the offender was apprehended.
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