Reasons Why We Should Conserve Natural Resources 

Reasons Why We Should Conserve Natural Resources are explained in this article and we hope you find it informative and helpful for your research.

Conservation of Natural Resources

Reasons Why We Should Conserve Natural Resources 
Reasons Why We Should Conserve Natural Resources – Photo Source:

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Natural resources are assets provided by nature, from which man can draw, to satisfy his needs. These include air, water, food, minerals, soil, plants, and animals. Conservation of natural resources means the preservation of natural resources from loss, waste, or harm.

It does not mean refraining from the use of these resources, but rather using them to the best advantage. Conservation of natural resources is therefore concerned with a man can use, to the best advantage the assets that nature has provided.

This article will focus on reasons for conversation and certain natural resources that man should conserve. All natural resources are useful to man.

If there are not protected from loss, waste, or harm, there gradually become less and less useful. For instance, the soil is important to man for agriculture and other purposes, but if not protected from erosion, it will be gradually eroded, lose its fertility and in due course, have large, deep gullies all over it.

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As the deep gullies expand, people whose homes a threatened will be compelled to move to new sites, abandoning the land.

The most important reason for the conservation of natural resources, therefore, is to enable man to continue to use them for his own good. This applies to the soil, plants, minerals, food, and water.

The conservation of such natural resources as air helps to provide man with pleasure and greater knowledge, whereas flowers are conserved because there make our environment beautiful, giving man satisfaction. Some species of plants and animals are conserved to save man from extinction.

Conservation of natural resources can be ensured through the  following methods:

1. Establishment of forest reserves and game reserves. The forest reserves in Nigeria include Shasha River forest reserve in Ogun state, Omo forest reserve in Ogun state, Sapoba forest reserve in Edo state, etc.

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2. Encouraging people to plant trees. One of the ways of conserving our planet’s resources is by encouraging people to plant trees.

3. Conservation laws and bye-laws. Governments pass laws from the time to time, to protect natural resources. Examples of such laws include those that prohibited bush burning, the cutting down of timber trees except with an official permit, the cutting down of trees in a forest reserve, the shooting of elephants except with an official permit, the shooting of endangered species, and the shooting of animals within game reserves.

4. Societies that promote the conservation of natural resources. Some voluntary organizations promote the conservation of natural resources in the natural wildlife conservation society.

Mineral resources are nonrenewable and could be exhausted if not properly managed. Conservation ensures a wise and planned use so that it can be continuously available.

Conservation of water protects aquatic life and makes it safe for drinking especially for domestic and industrial uses. Conservation of soil maintains the fertility of the soil and prevents erosion.

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Conservation of air makes air free of pollution such as dust, poisonous gases, and fumes. As a result of this, plants, Man, and animals are healthy.

In Conclusion, the ministry of agriculture and natural resources is responsible for conversation.

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