How to Start a Church in Nigeria

How to Start a Church in Nigeria will address the greatest business on earth; the church business. We…

How to Start a Church in Nigeria will address the greatest business on earth; the church business. We hope you find it informative.

How to start a new church in Nigeria

How to Start a Church in Nigeria
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Church Business is not just lucrative, it is very rewarding. By this, I’m not referring to the material possession you may likely acquire, I’m mostly referring to the spiritual reward that church founders have because this set of people win souls and nurture them in God’s word thereby making them stronger in faith, they make disciples which assist them in the spreading of the Gospel of Christ, they also reap some physical benefits like fame wealth and favor.

Today’s article will be addressing those who have a call to founding a ministry but don’t know how to start. This article will only give some suggestions as it expects you to seek God’s face as much as you can.

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Guides on How to Start a Church in Nigeria

Now that you have a call into ministry, before thinking of where to site your church, ask yourself:

a. Is the timing for ministry, right?

Some people just get a call and get up into ministry without waiting for the right timing. You should know whether it is time to birth what you conceive. Premature birth could be so catastrophic.

b. What is my primary assignment?

Most persons are called to pastor a particular set of people, while others are called into an evangelistic ministry. It is important to know whether you have a call to open a church. Who am I sent to?

Some people are sent to their people while others are sent to foreign lands. When you know the people God has sent you to, you will know exactly where to find them and exactly where to pitch your tent.

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Now that you have answered those questions, let’s go deeper into how to start a Church in Nigeria:

1. Look for a facility

A church is not a building but you need a building to operate a local assembly. Look for a facility that is conducive enough for the people you have been sent to.

God is not a beggar, if you don’t have money to pay for a place, look for anywhere you can manage first. Don’t go begging.

2. Musical Instruments

Most people especially unbelievers go to church because of the musical instruments. Buy or rent musical instruments for all your services.

It could just be the answer to prayer that your ministry needs to grow because physically, these things add up spice to the church meetings.

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3. Submit your activities to The Holy Spirit

That is the only person who will help your church to grow well and fast. The Holy Spirit will supply you with spirit-breathed words that will minister to the peculiar needs of people and he will back it up with signs and wonders.

If you want your ministry to grow fast like Dunamis, Winners, Full Life, RCCG, etc. You should operate it as the formal organization that it is. Have an office, a bank account for the church, church staff, etc.

4. Partner with other Men of God who have gone ahead of you in ministry

This is why most pastors host programs and invite guests to your church but are watchful of who you invite. The degree of anointing you currently operate on may be someone else’s past anointing level.

By rubbing minds with them, you stand a better chance of getting a fraction of the person’s anointing in your life.

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5. Get engaged in Community services

Every person loves those who are concerned about their well beings. Those little things like making your church take out refuse from the gutter or sponsoring a child’s education or even establishing a business for someone whose hope had gone could be more potent than hosting a great convention or revival service remember the golden rule.

Give and it shall be given. If you give help to people, they will give your ministry the trust you need to grow into the largest congregation ever.

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