Phone Accessories Business Plan

Phone Accessories Business Plan in Nigeria will be discussed in this article. This is a sample business plan…

Phone Accessories Business Plan in Nigeria will be discussed in this article. This is a sample business plan to help you to execute this business.

Mobile phone accessories business plan in Nigeria

Phone Accessories Business Plan in Nigeria
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Phone Accessories Business is a business that deals with phone parts which are simply called phone accessories.

Cell Phone Accessories Store Business Plan

Vision Statement

To develop that business to move from the stage of retail to wholesale, to move from the stage of wholesale to a stage where phone accessories can be stocked by producers and purchased by other wholesalers at an affordable price.

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Mission Statement

  • This business plan is established with a major expansion anticipated by Phone Accessories with the key objective of developing cooperation with new business partners in the foreseeable future.
  • To make your price rate accessible and affordable.

Economic Value

  • To create employment opportunities for youths. To educate and train both men and women on phone engineering to a peak of professionalism.
  • To educate and train youth markers that will advertise our products.
  • The Transfer of technical and management know-how; training and skill development of locals and in communities.
  • To build an information bank that will inform the public on the need to have good phones thereby solving communication problems especially in the northern States.
  • To collaborate with NGOs and other governmental bodies and build competitions where winners are awarded phones and other educative materials and products.

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Our Target Market

  • Shops through sales
  • Engineers making repairs and sales
  • Media for advertising our products
  • Markets through sales
  • Students sales and promotion
  • Public through buying and selling
  • Events through partnership
  • Business centers
  • Corporate bodies, etc.

Accounting Records

Your phone accessories business should ensure accountability with daily accounting records. This is to ensure an effective financial balance to enable your business to have a healthy and robust net profit for the expansion of the business within a long period.

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Capital Base

Phone accessories are very profitable and require good capital to make the business profitable.

Your capital base is required depends on the expansion level of the business.

Thus, if the business will operate as a sole proprietor, an estimated capital of one hundred thousand Naira will be required.

If the business will operate as an agent of retail, the estimated capital will be about two hundred and fifty thousand Naira mainly for the stock of products for sale.

Labour Force

One to six workers for a start which will depend on the nature of the business.

Estimated Income

Phone Accessories business is a very profitable business. Phones are essential and highly demanded.

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Your products should be reliable with good availability, management, creativity in marketing. There should be adequate space available for future expansion.

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