Underarm Rash Treatment at Home

Underarm Rash Treatment at Home is discussed in this article. Health they say is wealth and we wish…

Underarm Rash Treatment at Home is discussed in this article. Health they say is wealth and we wish you stay healthy. Do read and follow the guides.

Underarm Rash Treatment at Home

Underarm Rash Treatment at Home
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You must be wondering why you have those irritable rashes that make you uncomfortable on your armpit, this is because a person’s armpit is often a spot for irritation but sometimes, the irritation gets unbearable, making it difficult to take your mind off your armpit as you may have to scratch randomly.

The color of rashes that appear on the armpit sometimes may be red, or white but it often comes out as a bump on the skin.

A lot of things may be responsible for the rashes on a person’s armpit such as how a person lives his or her life or the weather to treat the armpit bump, it is pertinent to determine what caused the bumps in the first place because just like every other illness or disease, you need to find out what is causing it before you can administer treatment to it.

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How long an armpit bump or rash is on your skin varies as some last only for a couple of hours or days while others stay there for months.

Generally, you could decide to treat the bump at home or try synthetic medication but the treatment of armpit bumps is strictly dependent on knowing the causative factor.

There are various types of armpit rashes. Before we look at how to treat the rash, let’s quickly examine the types of rashes.

Types of Armpit Rashes:

1. Candida

Often called candidiasis, it is an infection caused by fungi. It affects the part of the skin that is moist making the armpit susceptible. It causes swelling, itching, scaling, and red rashes.

When the weather is very hot this infection gets worse sometimes, or when a person puts on tight clothes, the operation of the fungi gets severe.

Most times, the best treatment for this kind of armpit bump is often the application of an anti-fungal cream on the affected area.

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2. Seborrheic dermatitis

This kind of armpit bump happens when there is an overproduction of skin oils. It is just like eczema but it is different because when seborrheic patches appear, it does so like oily patches of scales or flakes. The scales may be yellowish as a result of the excess oil produced.

3. Atopic Dermatitis

Forget the big name, just call it eczema. This usually begins from infantry and is common in parts of the body that is folded such as the inside of elbows, back of the knee, or armpit. Eczema itches a lot and as a result, it often causes bleeding when it is scratched incessantly.

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4. Contact Dermatitis

It usually occurs when a person gets exposed to things that irritate him or her or when s/he is exposed to an allergic substance. The most common cause of this could be your cologne, fabric, or even detergent.

Solutions to Armpit Rash

  1. It is important to know that armpit bumps happen when your skin comes in contact with something that irritates it either internally or externally as such, to treat it, you need to find out the cause of the irritation first, and should it be something you use, stop using it. When you stop using the substance, it may even go as far as clearing the rashes.
  2. Apply calamine lotion to the affected area
  3. Have your bath more often and wash the armpit deliberately.
  4. Cut a lemon and put it under your armpit, it will help fight off the fungal infection.

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When you have armpit bumps or rashes, try as much as possible to avoid scratching them so that the situation does not get worse as scratching may bring out blood from the bumps and lead to another thing entirely don’t forget to wear clothes that expose the armpit to air occasionally.

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