How to Find a Good Church to Worship

How to Find a Good Church to Worship will be discussed in this article and we hope it…

How to Find a Good Church to Worship will be discussed in this article and we hope it guides new converts to know the right place to worship God.

How to find a good church to worship in Nigeria

How to Find a Good Church to Worship
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After accepting Christ as the Lord over your soul, a young Christian is often faced with the big question, ‘Where do I worship?’

These days, there are so many denominations and it ultimately leaves most new converts unsure of which one he or they should worship in.

In today’s articles, we will be pointing out some factors you need to consider before you make a choice of which church to worship.

How to Find a Good Church to Worship

1. What do you want from a church congregation?

The needs of people differ, even in spiritual matters. You need to ascertain what you want from the church you are going to worship in.

Do you want spiritual growth, healing, prosperity, connection, or marriage? Different denominations operate with different grace and ministry.

Church A may be specialized in the prosperity message while Church B could be a specialist in the deliverance part of the Gospel.

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2. How far are you willing to travel to your church?

Not everyone loves to congregate in the church next door simply because they do not want church people dashing in and out of their houses all the time, they prefer to travel a long distance to worship God.

Others love to worship in a church close to them. There is nothing wrong with any of the two, it is just that you need to be sure of what you want.

3. Where will I be able to serve?

We all have our unique calling in the body of Christ. Some people are good at singing unto God, but some denominations do not permit singing in the church, others may want to play the instrument but are restricted by denominations.

You should not criticize any denomination for doing or not doing some things, rather you should find the one that best suits your calling and serve God in your capacity there.

4. Does this ministry have a vision?

Believe it or not, where you worship can spur you up to fulfilling your life’s vision and dreams. If you worship in a place that has no vision, it can truncate all your dreams and aspiration.

If your local assembly has a vision and is driving towards achieving it, you will see that there will be this drive for you to achieve your dreams spiritually, physically, mentally, socially, etc.

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5. What’s the foundation of the Church?

You need to know the foundation of the church you want to worship in. Who founded it? How was it founded? What are its core values? What do they teach and believe in? What kind of message do they preach? Who takes the glory in the Church?

Remember that you are a new convert and you should at least be in a place where your spirit man is shaped towards a glorious daily living.

6. Have you prayed?

No matter the physical things you look out for in a ministry you want to worship in, at the end of it all, you should and must study and pray.

When you study the scriptures and pray, things will be revealed to you, the Holy Spirit will guide you into the right place to be because you cannot be everywhere every time. Praying before choosing a place to worship is very critical if you do not want to miss out on the right track.

It may also help if you talk to a pastor or the person that led you to Christ. If you are changing the church, you should also consider the factors above.

A church is a place where you should find comfort and not a place where you are threatened by the devil’s agents.

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Note: After you believe in Christ, you don’t go to church to be saved, you go to Church because you are saved, to keep building your spiritual life by a continuous fellowship to draw other people to be saved too.

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