5 Ways to Hear from God

How to Hear from God
5 Ways to Hear from  God are listed and explained here. This is for those who believe in…

5 Ways to Hear from  God are listed and explained here. This is for those who believe in Christ and His substitutionary sacrifice and wish to hear Him.

How to hear from God directly

How to Hear from God
How to Hear from God – Photo Source: https://churchleaders.com

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Every loving relationship is based on the fact that the two persons involved in the relationship communicate effectively with one another.

In communication, it is taught that for two persons to be able to communicate effectively, there must be understanding. When it comes to divinity, one has to know first of all how God speaks before he will then condition his mind in determining how he can place himself to hearing from God.

Not many people will have the opportunity to hear God’s direct voice throughout their lifetime. Does this mean that God does not talk to his children? This is a capital NO!

God speaks, it’s just that we do not listen to the voice of God especially when the voice is not speaking what we want to hear. To so many people at different times, God speaks through different mediums and it is imperative that we understand how God speaks so that we can even know we can hear from Him.

Ways to Hear God’s Voice Regularly

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Below are 5 Ways to Hear from God:

1. His word

The word of God here refers to the scriptures. One potent way by which God speaks to His people is through His word. Let’s take a look at what the scripture says in 2Timothy3:16 -17 “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works” (KJV).

As a Christian, when you study God’s word and meditate on it, you are prone to hear a word for you from God in the Bible. Every line in the Bible is a message that needs a spirit to react.

And the best you can do for yourself is to connect with every word in the Bible and you’ll hear a word for your soul every time you do.

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2. Through fellowship with others

A tree cannot stand alone to become a forest, that is why everyone is connected to someone else in the circular world. The same is true in hearing God’s voice.

There are those who hear more from God than others, sharing fellowship with others in faith can be a medium through which God communicates to us.

It could just be as a result of just talking about the scriptures that a person will just bring a word of knowledge hitting a particular situation that has been troubling you.

3. Nature

Nature does not just give inspiration, it brings God’s word to people. A lot of ministers have heard from God while just looking at a field or playing with a pet or getting in contact with the elements of nature.

Just like the professionals draw their strength from nature, it is important the children of God get close to God through nature.

4. Reading and Meditating on Christ-Centered materials

What you consume accumulates and consumes you later on. That’s the truth. The more you get exposed to good Christian literature and make them your go-to place for insight after the Bible, in little or no time, you will hear the voice of God by simply reading a book.

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5. Dreams and Visions

God speaks through dreams and visions but they have to be propelled by a Christ-centered thought during the conscious hours of the day. Most people in our today’s works heard God speak to them in dreams or visions.


If you want to hear from God, Just set your eyes in things that are right, believe that He speaks, and tune in your spirit to the flow of the Holy Spirit and you’ll hear Him speak audibly. Success in your relationship with God.

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