How to Be a Footballer in Nigeria: 7 Steps brings to your perusal the necessary step to step guide on how to become a footballer in Nigeria.

How to Become a Good Footballer in Nigeria

Join Football Academy for Free in Nigeria

How to Be a Footballer in Nigeria: 7 Steps:

  1. Commit yourself to football
  2. Practise football
  3. Join a local football team
  4. Attend a football academy
  5. Prepare for a talent scout
  6. Get signed by a club
  7. Maintain good health
How to Be a Footballer in Nigeria: 7 Steps
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Football! The round leather game! The game that almost everyone loves! Folks devote time to watching local and international matches. They take delight in critiquing games won or lost.

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Among those watching the matches on TV are youths who wish and aspire to become footballers in Nigeria but do not know how to go about it.

Well, if you are dreaming of becoming a footballer in Nigeria, then stay with us. This article will show you how to actualize your passion to be a footballer, not just as a local champion, but as a famous soccer star.

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How to Be a Footballer in Nigeria: 7 Steps:

1. Commit yourself to football

If you want to become a footballer, you must devote yourself to the game. The amount of love you have for soccer is what drives your passion. Live football. Breathe football. Dream football.

Let the passion flow from the inside. With enough flair and passion, you will be able to live through challenging moments in your journey to football stardom. Your full commitment to the game will get you a place as a professional in the soccer market.

2. Practise football

Train yourself on how to play football. It is not enough to have an emotional attachment to football. You have to develop your physical ability to play the game.

Train every day to improve your physical and mental skills. Play football every day. It does not matter if you did not start training in childhood. Give your training the best shot.

You never can tell what you are capable of until you try. Work on your dribbling skills on the field and in your mind. Learn to catch a ball and keep the goal post if that is your desired position.

You can choose to train on your own. Just identify a large field in your locality where you can play freely with friends. You can also attain football training camps. Attending football camps helps build your enthusiasm and awaken the spirit of competition.

Participate in organized football games as early and as often as possible. Try representing your town, school, office, or church at football tournaments.

In a football career, your skill is your greatest asset. Ensure you improve on them till you become excellent and recognized.

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3. Join a local football team

With the passion and experience, you have gathered, you can join a local football club, for a start. By joining a football club, you get to hone your playing skills.

A club manager will even note the best position you fit in on the pitch. You solidify your knowledge of how to dribble.

You learn to give accurate shots. You become conversant with making passes. You become tactful at manipulating the ball to score a goal.

In a football club, you develop team spirit. You become a more responsible player, knowing that you are expected to bring medals home.

4. Attend a football academy

A football academy has the time and resources to groom a young amateur player into an exceptional one. At an academy, you get to learn both practical and theoretical tips for succeeding in football. An academy can recommend you to a football team in need of a player if you are outstanding.

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5. Prepare for a talent scout

A talent scout can just appear to assess your football team. Most times, this happens impromptu. This calls for you to always be on your best behavior.

Have it at the back of your mind that a scout will observe your display of team spirit, your ability to play with focus and calmness under pressure, etc.

A scout’s assessment of your individual performance can land you in a bigger club. You should prove that you can be calm and focused even under pressure. Remember to play your best at all times. You never know who and who is in the crowd.

6. Get signed by a club

If you put in a great effort at developing your football skill, you can get signed into a football contract for a professional career.

But you have to exercise the utmost care in accepting a contract. A bad club can dim your light. Make sure you are legally covered while signing the contract. Understand the terms of engagement before accepting to join a professional football club.

7. Maintain good health

Stay in shape always. You need to maintain an acceptable level of fitness. Regular exercise, healthy feeding as well as abstinence from alcohol and drug will help maintain your health.

Take enough rest after each match. Learn how to avoid injuries while playing. Your mental health is also important to a successful football career in Nigeria.

Do not beat yourself up when you lose a match. Do not allow depression to defeat you if things do not go as planned.

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If you suddenly lose a promising contract, do not brood over it. If you are depressingly anxious, it will be helpful if you open up. Do not bottle up negative emotions within you.

If you truly desire to be a footballer in Nigeria, follow the steps we have outlined. Go all out for it. The sky is your starting point.

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