How Can I Stay Fit and Not Gain Weight During Pregnancy? – 10 Ways

How Can I Stay Fit and Not Gain Weight During Pregnancy? – 10 Ways is discussed herein with 10 points listed and explained.

How can I stay healthy and not gain weight during pregnancy?

How Can I Stay Fit and Not Gain Weight During Pregnancy? - 10 Ways
How Can I Stay Fit and Not Gain Weight During Pregnancy? – Photo Source:

The feeling of getting pregnant can be very amazing especially when it’s the first child. It can get the pregnant woman so excited to consume things depending on her mood.

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Also, weight gained during the period of pregnancy can be very challenging as such it is relevant to stay fit and not gain weight during the period of pregnancy. This article will explore these tips:

1. Get pregnant at your  early stage of life

Research shows that getting pregnant in your mid-twenties, or between 25 to 30 years gives you an advantage and enough time to care for your body during the period of pregnancy.

It also gives you the time and the desire to stay fit during pregnancy to still stay attractive among your contemporaries.

When people get pregnant in old age, psychologically there are compelled to think that they have already approached old age and as such, they tend to be careless about their bodies during the period of pregnancy.

2. Eat balanced meals

On the average range, you need about 340 additional calories daily within the second trimester and 450 additional calories in the third trimester.

This is capable of keeping you fit and healthy and avoiding being unnecessarily overweight. Eating foods that have great nutritional value is a way to stay fit and not gain weight excessively.

Don’t concentrate on only carbohydrates at the expense of protein or vitamins. Every meal should have a good component of nutrients needed for you and your baby.

3. Get registered with a dietitian

Staying fit without weight gain during the period of pregnancy is very helpful such that it may require a dietitian to state and guide the pregnant woman from being over-concentrated on a particular class of the food.

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For example, after loss examination, the test may require that you have excessive protein in the body, thus it is the duty of the dietitian to suggest suitable meals that will create a balance in your macronutrient needs and help you not to gain excessive weight.

4. Eat small meals

Eat meals that have a greater degree of protein, nourishing fat, and complex carbohydrates. These meals can make the body fit especially when there are well-scheduled and planned.

It is not ideal for you to overfeed yourself because of pregnancy rather eat right and eat small (especially to your satisfaction but not in excess).

5. The use of healthy snacks

Eating healthy snacks at least 2 to 3 hours after meals is very effective and is capable of keeping you fit. When snacks are eaten probably a few minutes after the intake of food, it results in excessive weight gain.

It is important to monitor your intake of snacks and avoid unnecessary snacks containing high compositions of sugar pregnancy if you must stay fit and not gain weight. Also, avoid biscuits, and sweets as it contributes to gaining weight for both the mother and the unborn child.

6. Frequency check your blood sugar level

Knowledge about blood sugar levels helps you to discipline your habit and this is one of the factors that hinder staying fit and increases the chances of gaining weight when it is very high.

7. Take Enough Fruit

Fruits have a high content of fiber and such fruits include grapefruit, oranges, apples, berries, and pears. These foods also have great water content including watermelon.

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8. Control your cracking

Food cravings are a major reason for unnecessary gain weight. Sometimes the pregnancy can cause the lady to crave foods that are high in fat which results in weight gain. Hence for you to stay fit and not gain weight you need to control your cravings and stay fit.

9. Drink the excessive amount of water

Stay hydrated during the day, and drink water very early in the morning and less at night remember water is among the classification of a balanced diet.

Obstetricians and Gynecologists advise every pregnant woman to drink at least a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12 of (good) water daily to stay fit and not gain weight.

10. Carefully monitor the color of your urine

It is quite surprising that the color of your urine acts as an indication of the well-being of your body.  If the color is dark, yellow, or cloudy, it shows that your body requires excessive fluids.

A urine test can also help the doctor to examine, and analysis your system, make prescriptions where necessary, and help you not to gain weight unnecessarily.

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It is advisable to consume foods and snacks that contain protein, fiber, and some healthy fat and it is more important to carry out regular check-ups to know how to adjust your diet and avoid weight gain.

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