10 Effects of Excess Sugar to the Body

10 Effects of Excess Sugar to the Body are listed and carefully explained in this article for your perusal.

Diseases caused by too much sugar

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10 Effects of Excess Sugar to the Body
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The consumption of excess sugar can be very hazardous to the body, especially in the consumption of foods that contain excessive sugar such as candies, fruit juice, canned fruit chocolate, milk, canned drinks, energy drinks, granola and cereal, and other desserts. This article will explain 10 effects of excess sugar in the body.

1. Heart problems

The consumption of excess sugar in the body can lead to heart issues primarily because it enlarges the speed or degree of corpulence or fatness, it intensifies the person’s blood sugar and blood pressure, tenderness, and atherosclerosis.

All these problems intensify the heart problems causing heart sickness, can lead to an unfit heart, and making the person vulnerable to heart attacks.

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2. Weight gain

The intake of excess sugar in the body can lead to weight gain and continuous intake can result in obesity. Many persons who are obsessed are addicted to sugar and this is a major cause of the weight gain in the body. It has been verified that the amount of sugar consumed in a person’s body is proportional to the gain gained over time.

3. Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious disease in which the body cannot properly control the amount of sugar in your body because it does not have enough insulin.

Type 2 diabetes causes various abnormalities characterized by the secretion and excretion of excessive amounts of urine.

Diabetes especially type 2 is one of the most treacherous health problems related or connected with sugar consumption.

For instance, people have been who addicted to colas, juices, and other sweetened beverages such that it is taken at every meal have a tendency of becoming obsessed and even develop Type 2 diabetes in both the short run or in the long run depending on the body.

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4. Kidney and liver problems

Many patients who have kidney and liver problems can be traceable to the fact that they consume excess sugar in the body.

The kidney and liver prefer bitter contents to sugary ones. In addition to this, excessive consumption of sugar can result in the patient having a fatty liver. This will convert sugar into glycogen and over time excess amounts will be kept as fat in the body.

5. Difficulty in sleeping

This is quite surprising that the intake of sugar can cause a patient to experience difficulty sleeping, or even take a nap.

Most time it creates a problematic feeling especially when foods such as candies, fruit juice, canned fruit chocolate, milk, canned drinks, or energy drinks are consumed at night. This effect can cause the person to feel restless throughout the following day.

6. Mood disorders

Most foods or snacks have high sugar which causes petulance, the feeling of tiredness, or exhaustion causing lesser endorphins from working in the body.

In most cases, it leads to an imbalance in the psychological health of the patient. In its worst state, it can result in depression.

7. Tooth decay

This is one of the alarming effects of excessive consumption or intake of any sugary content. Also, the consumption of sugary foods can result in the formation of natural bacteria in the person’s mouth and if conscious effort is not taken to radiate it, it can be converted into an acidic substance causing tooth decay problems.

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8. Cancer

In the analysis of persons with cancer, it was discovered sixty to seventy percent of cancerous patients consumed excessive sugar right from a tender age.

As such the excessive intake of sugar has the tendency to rise inflammation in the body and is likely for the increased incidence of cancer in the twenty-first century.

This is also advisable that patients who are suffering from one cancer issue or the other should avoid or minimize their intake of sugar as it is not considered healthy at all.

9. Skin issues especially bad skin

Excessive intake of sugary foods and drinks increases acne and the spike in blood sugar and insulin levels is also capable of rising oil production and androgen secretion that casing a breaking out of the skin.

10. Joint pain

The intake of sugar is related to the rise of rheumatoid arthritis especially when the person has excessive fats stored in the body.

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Conclusively, the consumption of sugar enhances the aging process and creates wrinkles, and generally leads to the formation of cavities in the tooth.

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