10 Body Changes in First Trimester of Pregnancy

10 Body Changes in First Trimester of Pregnancy are listed and explained one after the other in this article. You will find it informative.

What are the physical changes of a pregnant woman

10 Body Changes in First Trimester of Pregnancy
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The first trimester starts from the first-day amenorrhoea (the failure of the menstrual period on the expected date) is experienced.

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This period lasts still 14 weeks of pregnancy, and it is also classified as the first 3 months of pregnancy. The Body Changes that Happen in the First Trimester include the following Heartburn, esophageal sphincter, Body unrest at night, Excessive sweat, Expansion of the vaginal part The Hair becomes thicker, Mood swipes or swings, Skin Changes, Changes in the breast, Frequent urination.

1. The process of Heartburn begins

Heartburn is very rampant during the first trimester of any pregnancy. This is a process where the body creates well-built qualities of progesterone throughout the period of pregnancy.

In cases like this, the hormone reduces the soft muscle tissues to make or arrange for your stomach to start expanding or growing over time.

2. Effect on the esophageal sphincter

During the first trimester, the body causes the esophageal sphincter to be reduced. The esophageal sphincter is simply a muscle in the body that is responsible for closing or causing a closure in the stomach.

This closure ensures that any acidic process is far from the throat. When lax, this package of muscles allocates acid and other eatable substances to travel retrograde from the stomach, resulting in a burning sensation in the chest of the pregnant lady.

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3. Body unrest at night

Pregnancy hormones can produce powerful, bright, or lively thoughts, especially during the first trimester which can cause the pregnant lady to be awake or even have a feeling of unrest, especially at night.

4. Excessive sweat

During the first trimester, especially from 10 to 12 weeks, the body tends to produce excessive sweat than necessary. One may need to use the bathroom more often than required.

In cases where the pregnant lady wears excessively tight clothing, it can result in body rashes and other skin infections as a result of the excessive sweat.

5. Expansion of the vaginal part

Just as the belly exchanges to suit the condition of the pregnancy, the vaginal part as well expands. The vaginal part tends to become wet and even sweat as well.

Some woman in their first trimester is even advised by their doctors to go without pants as excessive clothing can cause tithing.

This can be mistaken for an injection but it is definitely not an injection. The vaginal part just requires more air and tight clothing should be avoided from the first trimester.

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6. The Hair becomes thicker

During the first trimester, the body produces thicker hair. The hormones in the body cause the hair in the body to grow rapidly. This is caused by hormones and other vitamins taken during this period of pregnancy.

7. Mood swipes or swings

A pregnant woman begins to be more expressive once she is pregnant. Some women can get angry even at the slightest issues. In an analysis carried out in an open field, married men were asked how their pregnant wives behaves in the first trimester, their responses showed that these women cried often, became even more aggressive, acted emotionally when watching a simple movie, and disturbed their spouses more during this period.

At one moment they can act very excited and after a moment they tend to be unhappy or sad. These mood swings often are caused by pregnancy hormones.

8. Skin Changes

During the first trimester, the skin becomes lighter and as the fetus grows, the skin also attracts and becomes strict. Another change that happens to the body is the fact that there will be tiny tears on the skin which can appear in the layers of tissue of the skin. These changes in the skin can result to stretch marks.

9. Changes in the breast

During the first trimester of pregnancy, the breast changes and becomes fuller, firmer, and tenderer. The female sex hormones estrogen and progesterone produced by the placenta cause these changes in the breast. These hormones are liable for the milk sacs of the breast and lead to fat being accumulated around the breast.

10. Frequent urination

During the first trimester of pregnancy, the kidneys work over-efficiently, and the bladder fills with urine more quickly.

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This leads to the frequency of urination which is an early symptom of pregnancy. The pregnant woman will be seen using the toilet more often than usual.


The first trimester is the period when the womb starts to enlarge. As it enlarges, the embryo also enlarges to about 1.25cm long at 6 weeks, during 8 to 12 weeks, the embryo increases to about 2.5cm long and the fetus looks more like a human resulting in all these body changes that occur during the first trimester.

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