10 Factors That Increase Life Expectancy

10 Factors That Increase Life Expectancy are listed and explicated one after the other in this article for your perusal.

Social factors affecting life expectancy

10 Factors That Increase Life Expectancy
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The issue of life expectancy or longevity has been a great concern especially to people who are aged but medical professionals advice that the process of longevity is a process that every young should be aware of and consciously life to improve their span of life or existence on Earth.

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Factors that increase life expectancy:

1. Genetics

This is otherwise known as hereditary factor. The increase of life expectancy can be a hereditary or a genetic factor due to the biological connection between genetic factors and mortality rates.

Science and Genetics experts have stated that if there is a high rate of increase life expectancy in a genes, an individual is bound to inherit this as a genetics factor with the assumption that all other things are equal.

Genetics therefore has at least 60 to 79% percentage or can be classified as a key determinant factor of life expectancy.

This is because when the life expectancy is high, there is avoidance of major and minor diseases such as liver problem, kidney stone problem, high blood pressure, reoccurring Heart disease, various formation of cancer, including other Chronic lower respiratory diseases. A person with a weak hereditary immune system is probe to any cerebrovascular disease, diabetes, among others.

2. Ethnicity

The nationality or race also determines the life expectancy of a person. An underdeveloped nation with no access to infrastructural facilities especially pipe bore  water, health facilities will experience decrease life expectancy as such it is proper to settle in a nation with good nationality and absence of wars.

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3. Antenatal and Prenatal and care

Increase life expectancy begins from when the fetus forms in the womb. As such it is important to provide good antenatal and even prenatal care to the child.

When a child is well cared for while in the womb, there is absence of having any deformity which will determine his or her life expectancy.

Many children under negligence have had decreased life expectancy including adult while many have developed various sickness that they had to live with throughout their lives and this reduces the life expectancy. Antenatal and Prenatal care conditions are very vital to human existence.

4. Education

Ignorance is a major factor that have caused the death or many individuals in the world especially in developing or underdeveloped nations who have little or no access to adequate information.

An education populace helps to equip themselves with adequate information that will inform or increase their life expectancy while an illiterate populace settle for myth which is considered various dangerous to human health for instance self meditation.

5. Socio-economic status

The important of socio-economic status as a key factor of increase in life expectancy can not be overemphasize. Many poor people who have died due to one illness or the other has been due to their inability to access proper health care and at a good cost.

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An average man attributes every diseases to either malaria or typhoid but with socio-economic status, one is able to carryout weekly or monthly checks and access adequate medical care at their confidence.

6. Marital status

A happy marital life has the tendency of increasing the life expectancy of both the man and the woman. In a seminar organized by the WHO, it was discussed that the major cause of cancer in women can be attributed to unhappiness in their marriage. Also

7. Migrant

When a person who goes from one place to another especially to find a proper work or migrant from an undeveloped nation to an advance nation with available resources, it increases life expectancy especially when there is better welfare.

8. Diet

This is not surprising that one’s diet acts as a medicine and improves the health of an individual. This is also important to avoid the following food poison (eat healthy meals), smoking, alcohol.

Eating good diet at its right proportional measure prevents one from being obese and avoid unnecessary smoking serves the heart and increases life expectancy.

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9. Medical Knowledge

Life expectancy can be increased when an individual has proper medical knowledge of the functionality of certain issues in his or her body.

For example the knowledge of a man’s or a woman’s genotype will go a long way to increase life expectancy. If your genotype is AS, it is medical advised that the lady should marry only a man with an AA. If otherwise they will be producing sickle cell offspring and this will decrease life expectancy rate.

10. Better job opportunity

When the wage rate is high, leading to increase in income of a nation, there is high or increase life expectancy and vice versa.


The rate of increasing longevity and life expectancy has made medical experts to development antibiotics in order to strengthen the immune system, immunizations, and other medical improved cases.

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