7 Danger Signs of Pregnancy in First Trimester

7 Danger Signs of Pregnancy in First Trimester are listed and explained one after the other in this article. You will find it informative.

What is normal during early pregnancy

7 Danger Signs of Pregnancy in First Trimester
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The first trimester happens to be a very sensitive period. As much the first trimester has certain danger signs that one should be aware.

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These danger signs include abdominal pain, excessively swollen hands or face, rapid weight gain, itching, tenacious headache, persistent back pain, and lots more. This article will discuss briefly the danger signs a pregnant woman should be aware of during her first trimester.

1. Fever

In the first trimester, any pregnant lady can be more susceptible to cold and flu germs. Most ladies will discover that there are more liable to fever or feel feverish.

You have to understand when your body needs more exposure to air and when it does not require any exposure. If this is misunderstood, it may become a dangerous sign thereby causing the body to be exposed to quite a number of viruses.

2. Excessive Swollen Hands or Face

When the human body is swollen in a normal situation, it indicates that there is a problem with the respiratory organ but in the case of pregnancy, this is normal.

Despite that Swollen Hands or Face is normal, it is better to pay more attention to the swollen areas and seek remedies for these danger signs.

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Excessive swollen hands or face can be accompanied by other signs which include headaches, gastric pain, dizziness, or alternation in sight or vision which is abnormal.

Excessively swollen hands may be a sign of preeclampsia. preeclampsia is a problem that needs close monitoring, checking, and immediate intervention. When it is dictated early, especially during the first trimester.

3. Rapid Weight Gain

Another danger sign that one should be aware of is excessive weight gain. During the first trimester, the body tends to gain excessive weight.

This excess weight gain during the period of pregnancy is obviously very difficult to reduce and may need excessive exercise and other tremendous activities to burn the fat.

Weight gain is very easy during the period of pregnancy because of the activities carried out by the hormones in the body but weight loss can be very difficult.

Often times when the pregnant woman gains excessive weight, she is advised to reduce her intake of protein, especially fats and oil to avoid rapid weight gain.

4. Itching

Itching during the first trimester is very frequent and easy to occur. The skin becomes dry and needs to be nurtured to avoid itching of any kind.

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This itching is a result of skin dryness and stretching of the skin. Most itching may result in rashes and tend to make the affected area reddish when the itching continues persistently.

Itching may occur on any part of the body or sometimes immediately after a bath. If the itching occurs after a bath, it is advisable to use a dermatologically mild formula-tested oil.

This oil can be more helpful when it is an almond and rose oil. This oil is meant to soften and moisturized (baby) skin and hair to prevent skin dryness.

When the itching becomes more severe, the medical personnel may find it necessary to conduct a test to prevent cholestasis of pregnancy, this is a rare liver disorder that can lead to preterm labor and stillbirth in some extreme cases.

5. Tenacious Headache

When a woman experiences headaches during her first 3 months of pregnancy, it’s an indication that the body needs rest or is probably due to hydration. Eventually, when the headache becomes extremely reoccurring and disturbing, it is a danger sign. 6.

6. Persistent Back Pain

This is one dangerous sin that occurs when the pregnant woman remains in one position for a long time. When the pain becomes more persistent, it could be a result of a bladder infection, cyst, miscarriage, or even preterm labor.

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7. Blurry Vision resulting from dizziness

Dizziness is one of the usual pregnancy symptoms, especially in the first trimester. This dizziness may be persistent causing blurry vision and other related or associated body symptoms, such as swelling, abdominal pain, headache, or rapid weight gain. This is a sign of preeclampsia or gestational diabetes, and immediate medical care is essential to the pregnant lady.


Other extreme danger signs include vaginal bleeding, fluid leaking from your vagina, plain abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, high temperature, and painful urination.

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