6 Types of Rabbit Breeds

Types of Rabbit Breeds are listed and carefully explicated one after the other in this article. You will find it informative.

What are the types of rabbit breeds we have

Rabbits are very intelligent animals that are very fun to be with. They are very quiet yet possess intrinsic qualities that make many personal have them around as pets in their homes.

In this article, we will look closely at some of the types of breeds that are available as long as rabbits are concerned.

Although, there are over 300 breeds of rabbits and even more when the ones that have been crossbred are added up, we will look at just a few of them in this article.

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1. Lionhead Rabbit

One of the most popular breeds of rabbits is the Lionhead. According to its name, it looks like a small lion because of the fur around the head which looks like a lion’s mane.

The rabbit is available in different colors and its average height is about 3.75lbs. it serves as a very good pet as well as a good animal when it comes to using it for a show.

2. Flemish Giant

This is a species of rabbit that was first discovered and over the years, it has still remained the oldest, largest, and calmest breed of rabbit that exists in the world around us. The rabbits usually have a weight of over 16lbs and they have 7 colors.

Because of how easy-going this rabbit is as well as there laid down personality, it is considered one of the best rabbits to keep.

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3. Holland Lop

These very small species of rabbits have a very stocky, short, and kind of boxy type of body that looks somehow like that of a bulldog.

The ears of this rabbit are short and lopped and a pronounced clump of fur on the top of their heads. The average size of this species of rabbit is about 3.5lbs and thy come in different colors because of their personalities and size, this species of rabbit is also very popular as a pet and also for sports.

4. Continental Giant

The continental giant comes in different types and body sizes which is influenced by the country where they are present but notwithstanding, the Giants are one of the largest breeds of rabbits in existence and can gain weight up to an average of about 18 – 22lbs. these rabbits are equally known to have the biggest ears which stand erect.

They equally have different colors especially when they are cross-bred. They fall under one of the most intelligent species of rabbit that exists as they have the capacity to interact in a way with humans.

5. Dutch Rabbit

These rabbits are well known for their unique color combination of white as well as other colors in a very beautiful pattern. They have a weight of about 4lbs as well as a very short compact body with short standing ears. These rabbits are very quiet amongst others and serve very well as pets.

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6. English lop

The English Lops are a very big breed that is automatically noticed because of their very long, lopped ears, which are an average length of 21-32 inches from the beginning to the end.

These calm, easy-natured rabbits usually have a weight of about 12lbs, and they are mostly available in different colors.

Conclusively, other species of rabbits include Californian Rabbit, French Lop, American Sable Rabbit, Mini rex rabbit, Hyla rabbit, Hyla max rabbit, Polish Rabbit, and American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit amongst others.

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