Foods to Avoid During Menstrual Period

Foods to Avoid During Menstrual Period and why you should avoid them are provided in this article. We hope you find it helpful.

Foods to Avoid During Menstrual Period

Foods to Avoid During Menstrual Period
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There are some kinds of food a lady should avoid during menstrual periods as well as avoid doing certain things in order to stay healthy.

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The foods you should avoid during Menstrual Period are:

  1. Avoid fried foods
  2. Avoid Alcohol
  3. Avoid processed foods
  4. Avoid Dairy products
  5. Avoid caffeinated drinks
  6. Avoid refined grains
  7. Avoid highly salty foods
  8. Avoid food high in fats

Why you should Avoid Fried food during Menstrual Period

A lot of fried foods like biscuits, chips, snacks, etc. have hydrogenated vegetable oil or trans-fats. These can increase the levels of estrogen and cause worse mood swings.

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Why you should Avoid Alcohol during Menstrual Period

A lot of people take alcohol to reduce menstrual cramps. While drinking alcohol can relieve period cramps temporarily, there are a lot of negative effects attached to taking alcohol during menses.

Alcohol has diuretic nature and this can increase the level of water retention in the body and make you look more bloated.

It can increase estrogen levels in the body, cause irregular menstruation and worsen period symptoms.

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Why you should avoid processed foods during Menstrual Period

These include fast foods, frozen foods, canned soups, bacon, pickles, papad, etc. and they come with different unknown preservatives and ingredients that are obviously not best for anyone to indulge in especially during menses as they can by interfering with the hormones amplify discomfort to the body.

Why you should avoid Dairy products during Menstrual Period

Dairy products like cheese, milk, and cream are not advisable during menstruation. This is because they have high arachidonic acid which can trigger menstrual cramps.

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Why you should avoid caffeinated drinks Menstrual Period

Coffees should be minimized during menstrual periods because they increase heart rate and blood pressure which can lead to anxiety and tension and then worsen PMS symptoms.

Why you should avoid refined grains during Menstrual Period

During menstruation, foods like pizza, bread, cereals, and tortillas should be avoided as they can cause constipation and bloating.

Why you should avoid highly salty foods during Menstrual Period

Foods with high salt content should be avoided during menstrual periods. This is because the hormones responsible for menstruation cause water retention already and salty foods can give a gassy, bloating feeling.

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Why you should avoid foods high in fats during Menstrual Period

It is recommended that you avoid foods that are high in fats during menstruation. This is because of their influence on the hormones as they can lead to serious cramps and can give you a gassy feeling as you already have sensitive skin during this period.

Indulging in incorrect food during menstrual periods can worsen moods, feelings, and cramps, and cause serious discomfort and must be avoided.

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