First Aid Box Items and their Uses

First Aid Box: Contents and their Uses
First Aid Box Items and their Uses are listed and explained in this article. We hope you find…

First Aid Box Items and their Uses are listed and explained in this article. We hope you find it both educative and useful.

List all the contents of a first aid box and state their uses

First Aid Box: Contents and their Uses
First Aid Box: Contents and their Uses – Photo Source:

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First aid is the immediate and quick treatment given to a sick or injured person before the doctor or medical personnel arrives or the victim is taken to the hospital as the case may be.

It is next to impossible to administer first aid without the First aid box and the first airbox is useless without the contents.

The contents of the first aid box have the capacity of giving temporal treatment to a sick or injured person and as such, it should not be neglected.

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First Aid Box: Contents and their Uses

1. Sterilized eyewash solution

When an object enters the eyes of a person, the eyewash solution is often used to wash the eyes to remove the particles from the eyes rather than blow them off.

2. Adhesive strip

This is a small strip of gauze that is usually joined to a sticky backing. It is used for small cuts and injuries on the skin. Simone people call it a band-aid.

3. Non-Adhesive strip

Not every cut in the body requires the use of an adhesive strip for example; when a person is burnt by hot water or fire, adhesives will not work here, rather, to cover that injury, the nonadhesive strip is best used.

4. Cotton Wool

For cleaning and dressing wounds.

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5. Scissors

It serves multipurpose. Scissors are used to hold the cotton wool while dressing wool and it is also used for cutting should the need arise.

6. Thermometer

As you treat a person, you will be required to check the temperature of that person this is where the thermometer steps in.

7. Painkillers

Should you meet or treat a patient, you might want to give him or her some painkillers to reduce the pain until medical personnel arrives.

8. Cream or spray

Should a person have an insect bite, you need cream to apply on the affected area to save the person from unnecessary itching.

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9. Safety pins

If the condition is critical and you need to make use of nonadhesive strips, you need to use the safety pins to hold the strips together.

10. Small-handled torchlight

If you are working at night, you will need to see what you are doing. It is not a bad idea to have a torchlight inside your first aid box

11. Disposable medical gloves

Every trained first aider will always wear gloves before carrying out first aid activities to prevent direct contact with blood.

12. Bottle of clean water

This is indispensable in a first aid box because the use of water cannot be overestimated.

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13. Methylated Spirit

To dress wounds, first aid is the first chance of treatment for an injured person, a good first aider should have as many things as he or she can have in the first aid box at all times to avoid regrets at the place of carrying out his or her duties.

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