Wine Bar Business Plan

Wine Bar Business Plan
Wine Bar Business Plan will be explained in this article. This is to guide those who are interested…

Wine Bar Business Plan will be explained in this article. This is to guide those who are interested in this line of business in Nigeria.

How to open a wine bar

Wine Bar Business Plan
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Dignified wine Business is a business name designed to operate in a society where assorted wine and several wine brands are sold or purchased at affordable prices.

Vision Statement

Dignified wine has perspective visions:

  • To make the purchase of wine affordable at a dignified price.
  • To sell wine that is not influenced by taxes such as tariffs and quotas makes the wine excessively expensive and cannot be afforded by locals.
  • To promote the domesticated wines available in Nigeria which will reduce certain importation of foreign products.
  • To make our business name to be known, worldwide in the future.

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Mission Statement

Dignified wine is created not only for a for-profit motive but to ensure the production of wine domestically in Nigeria.

Over the years, wines made in Nigeria are tagged as being inferior and as such there cannot compete with other brands of foreign wine.

The success of the Dignified wine business will not only be for the purchase of wine but also to encourage the sales of domestic brands of wine that have medicinal values, especially to the aged in our society.

This is to ensure that even in the business of wine, assorted wines are not neglected by the youths and aged people.

The business will start with a head office at 41 Anthony street, Calabar, and in the future, be will a producer with other branch offices across the state.

This location is suitable for the business as the town is known for festive events and other cultural heritage ceremonies.

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Economic Value

The business will not only be a for-profit motive but will have the following economic value.

* it will create employment opportunities for indigenes and non-indigenes depending on the location of the business

* To improve the infrastructure of the locality where the business is situated whereby drawing government attention to such areas.

*To contribute a little quota for the restructuring of the locality where our business is situated.

* As one of the missions of the Dignified wine business, it will promote the production of locally made wines especially when such wines have good medicinal values.

Our Target Market

  • Events
  • Reception ceremonies
  • Schools through their events like secondary and tertiary events
  • Church events
  • Governmental ceremonies
  • marital ceremonies
  • public events
  • festivals
  • Markets and supermarkets
  • Business centers
  • Bars, restaurants, etc

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Accounting Records

Dignified wine Business is not just a business but an enterprise with accountability with daily accounting records to avoid business faults and erroneous documentation.

It is done to ensure an effective financial balance to enable my business to have a robust net profit for the expansion of the business within a long period.

Capital Base for Wine Bar Business Plan 

The capital base of the Dignified wine enterprise is worth about two hundred thousand Naira for the purchase of assorted wines and other amenities.

Labour Force And Estimated Income

One to two workers are needed for a start with an estimated income of about three hundred thousand Naira (300,000) which can be realized through proper management.

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Conclusively, for Dignified wine business is a courageous one and it is a willingness to undertake new wine-producing ideas to ensure that the initiation of our product is rewarding.

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