Why You Should Cut Down On Fat

Why You Should Cut Down on Fat is discussed herein and we hope you find it instructive, helpful, and informative enough to guide you.

Why Should You Cut Down On Saturated Fat and Sugar

Why You Should Cut Down on Fat
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The Excessive consumption of fat is not only a concern to individuals or persons who desire to reduce the risk of obesity or prevent high blood cholesterol and prevent heart disease and other unhealthy occurrences like cancel.

In many developed countries like America, an average person consumes about 148 pounds of fats in a year while in many developing counties like Nigeria, an average person consumes about 165 pounds of fats in a year.

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These alarming statistics have made industries recommend many low foods and also introduced a diet that has low fat to avoid nutritional hazards such as Diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and several forms of cancer in the body.

The new news is that one can simply cut down on the intake of excessive fat in the body especially to avoid diseases such as diabetes which is a very common disease and other heart diseases.

When the intake of excessive fat is reduced, this is capable of reversing some of the conditions that contribute to cardiovascular heart disease and stroke.

This means that you are capable of preventing these diseases rather than having to cope with them for the rest of your life.

Cutting down on fat is essential in reducing the risk of cancer and this can be maintained by consuming fewer calories. Impact, the lesser calories consumed the better you have to maintain your weight.

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Statistics show that one gram of fat contains about 9 to 10 calories, it simply means that one on a 2,000 calories regime should eat about 30 to 65 grams of fat per day if you must cut down on the intake of fat.

This is also important to control your weight with or without dieting. This is essential to have more energy, look healthy, and be even better.

When people consume more fats, it makes them fatter and overweight irrespective of their genetic factors because fat is the single most important dietary factor when it comes to weight control.

Moreover, Fat contains more than twice as many calories compared to protein and carbohydrate which has lesser calories.

The body is capable of converting fat even from food and it is more efficient and seen as body fats. When this takes place, the body uses about 3 percent of the energy converted from body fat. The energy converted into fats is then stored in fat cells in the body.

Similarly, it takes about 25 percent to convert protein or carbohydrate into stored body fats. This shows that calories from fats are more likely to make you fat than calories from protein or carbohydrates.

Conclusively if you want to lose weight, then count down on your fat not necessarily the calories. Cutting down on fat is not as hard as you may think and you don’t have to avoid your favorite meals but eat less saturated fat. You can use fat-free or even fat milk instead of whole milk.

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Eating too much fat makes you fat and if you must cut down on fat, then reduce your intake of fat. Aspect from other preventative measures like drugs, it is more efficient than when it is advisable that if you must reduce the intake of fat, then cutting fat to fifteen percent of calories or less is best.

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