Register in the Teaching Profession and their Meaning

Register in the Teaching profession and their Meaning will be listed and explained in this article. We hope you find it educative.

Registers in Education

Register in the Teaching Profession and their Meaning
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Every profession in the world has its unique register and the teaching profession is not left out of it. Teaching as you know is the art of instruction, correcting, and molding a person or people to achieve maximally in his or her chosen field of career.

The teacher is often seen and regarded as the ladder to success because, at every stage in a person’s life, teachers play an important role as long as the individual is ready to become something great in life.

Register in the Teaching Profession

Some words are commonly used by teachers around the world.

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Some of the Register in the Teaching Profession are as follows: 

Lesson Plan: This is a plan of work for a particular group of learners for a stipulated period. It is a handy guide for the teacher to able to prepare his or her note for the lesson.

Scheme of work: This is a document provided by the government to give the educational sector a well-mapped list of what they are expected to teach the children at a particular period.

Time book: As long as you teach, the time book is there to regulate your punctuality as well as your regularity. It could be manual or automatic.

Instructional materials: These are teaching aids used to carefully pass out information to children in the class. Every good teacher backs up his or her lesson with the strength of instructional material.

Register: This is a record maintained by every teacher to keep track of the students of pupils’ attendance in school.

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Diary: This is also another record in which shoes have been taught by the teacher on each subject every week. It is often filled and submitted to a supervisor.

Presentation: This has to do with his a teacher teaches or presents the subject or topic to his or her students.

Classroom management: It is a system of maintaining decorum in the class by the teacher.

Learning method: Every teacher knows that children do not learn at the same pace, every child has his or her unique learning method which falls into three categories; auditory, Kinesthetic, or visual.

Assessment: After teaching, every teacher assesses the learners to see if what had been taught has been learned.

Teaching Practice: A young teacher fresh from the college of education is often required to undergo his or her teaching practice. Teaching practice is the act of practicing practically what had been taught in college.

Slow learner: A child who requires additional time to comprehend what other children in the class have learned in a short time is often referred to as a slow learner.

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Hyperactive: This refers to a child who is energetic and full of life.

Montessori: This is a practical way of teaching children by making them see, touch, and feel every subject and topic taught.

Teachers are unique. If you see a teacher, stop by and give him or her a gift.

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