10 Factors That Influence Smoking

10 Factors That Influence Smoking will be discussed in this article. This is to salvage the impending dangers…

10 Factors That Influence Smoking will be discussed in this article. This is to salvage the impending dangers associated with smoking. We hope this helps!

Causes of Smoking Addiction

10 Reasons Why People Smoke
Reasons Why People Smoke – Photo Source: https://wonderopolis.org

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The Cambridge Dictionary refers to smoking as the action of smoking cigarettes, pipes, etc., or the activity of doing this regularly. In some public places, such as hospitals, buses, enclosed sports facilities, restaurants, and workplaces, smoking is prohibited.

Some countries have even introduced a smoking ban in all public places. Do you wonder why cigarette packs have the words: “smokers are liable to die young” and people still smoke? Then this article is a sit-through-it-all for you.

There are a number of reasons why people smoke and this article will highlight ten of the most popular reasons why people smoke.

Reasons Why People Smoke

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Here are 10 Reasons Why People Smoke:

1. Nicotine addiction

Tobacco contains a substance called nicotine and this substance is very addictive. This means that after a person’s first stick of cigarette, he or she begins to feel the urge to go back for more.

In no time, what might have been considered to be a one-time trial for that person is likely to become a habit that would take a lot of effort to break.

2. Peer pressure

Youthful delinquency and the need for teenage boys and girls to fit into a clique or the social environment in which they find themselves are other reasons why people smoke.

For instance, if a young person wants to be accepted into the most popular clique which is comprised of hard-core smokers, he or she is more likely to start smoking just to fit in.

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3. Mental health issues

Mental health and psychological issues such as depression and anxiety is the reason why most adults and some youths smoke.

For them, it is a way to cope with all the unpleasant experiences they are having at the moment or a way to live with all the horrible memories they have brought with them from childhood, such as being raped by trusted family members, caretakers, and friends or being molested and sexually assaulted as a child.

4. Smoking is considered a way to cope with cold weather conditions by some people

This is especially so for people in the Polar Regions where winter brings snow and low temperature. In cold weather, it has been scientifically established that the nicotine in cigarettes makes the body release acetylcholine, which raises blood pressure, and body temperature and triggers a person’s sweat glands to secrete sweat to keep him or her warm.

5. Experimentation

How does it feel to smoke? Some people have this kind of question. In a bid to answer it, they decide to try it out. This is especially true for young people, who are in the formative years of life and have not quite formed their own values.

Statistics show that nearly 90 percent of adult smokers began smoking before age 18 and another 9.7 percent of high school juniors reported smoking in the last month. This means that out of every 10 adult smokers, 9 began in their teenage years.

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6. The belief that smoking spurs creativity

People do not stop making references to heavy smokers who are creative, forgetting that their creativity may just perhaps be a thing of natural endowment.

Some people say that it is aesthetically appealing to see an artist puff some cigars while painting or composing a hit song. Based on that, many are quick to conclude that smoking spurs creativity but there are no scientific proofs or hard shreds of evidence to back this up.

7. Smoking, as a bodyweight reduction therapy

Everyone wants to have a great body and shed excess fat, these days. Registering at a gym and following through with a diet might be a whole lot for some people.

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a belief popular among smokers and non-smokers is, that smoking is an efficient way to control body weight because smoking not only increases the metabolic rate, it reduces appetite and conversely brings about weight loss.

8. Parental smoking habit

A person who grows up watching his or her parents smoke is likely to start smoking. Whether we like it or not, we are reflections of what and who our parents are.

It is true that a few people grow up and make modifications to the habits they picked or the belief system they formed while growing up but some people are forever stuck.

9. For some, smoking helps them relax and acts as stress relief

We live in a world with a lot of problems, from bills to self-esteem issues to breaking broken relationships, people have a lot to deal with, a lot that stresses them and for some, smoking is the only way to relax and relieve themselves of the stress that comes with living.

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10. Smoking as a confident booster

Most performing artists smoke before a performance because they believe it is a confidence booster, something that would make them bold enough to perform before a large crowd.

Also, people who engage in social vices such as armed robbery and cultism, smoke to hibernate their emotions and consciences, in order to carry out the inhumane acts of raping, killing, and maiming helpless folks.

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