How to Write an Article: 10 Helpful Steps

How to Write an Article: 10 Helpful Steps are listed herein. Writing articles is very different from writing…

How to Write an Article: 10 Helpful Steps are listed herein. Writing articles is very different from writing a letter or any other text-related content.

How to write an article examples

How to Write an Article
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Have you ever wondered how people put up educative and informative stuff online or offline in printed text?

It is simply a skill that no one is born with but we all acquire this skill as we deliberately put out minds to doing whatever we want to do.

In this article, you’ll be learning how to write an article that is readable and acceptable to the general public. Writing articles require a lot of intentional effort to make the article worth reading.

How to Write an Article

1. Get your topic

You cannot write successfully without first knowing what you want to write about except if you want to dish out rubbish to the general populace.

Your topic must be well understood by you first. If you don’t understand your topic, you will get to write stuff that is unrelated to the main topic.

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2. Research

Writing is hard work. You are not in any way going to write well without adequate research. Read the news, surf the internet, talk to friends, ask a question, and do research.

Don’t rely on the information you have about the subject matter, go into further studies, you will be amazed at what you find out.

You may want to set out a longer period to research rather than write because when you know your content, putting it down becomes as easy as ABC.

3. Write out the outlines of your articles first as a draft

Most people write out of inspiration. If you are one of those people, you should write out the vital points in the articles first as they come then you can fully explain each point one after the other.

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4. Introduce your content first before striking the main points

For example, if you are writing on ‘how to kill a snake’, be sure to define the term ‘snake’ and its dangers in as few words and lines as possible. Don’t just reach the solution when people don’t even have a clue of what a snake is.

5. Avoid big grammar

Except you are writing to professors or others who are particular about big words, use mild grammar when writing, especially if you are writing to a large audience. Big grammar weary the readers. You should know that.

6. Give credit to people when you use their work

If you are using references, be sure to use a quotation mark and write the name of the author. A lot of critical thinking is involved when writing some articles, it is of utmost necessity for you to reference the original owner(s) of whatever resource you quote.

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7. Avoid plagiarism

Only lazy people plagiarize the content of others. Be original in your content. Your written articles should be a reflection of the words you would have spoken. Don’t copy and paste people’s work and take credit for it.

8. Avoid ambiguous words

Let your words mean exactly what you meant them to mean. Ambiguity makes an article difficult to comprehend. Make people understand your message.

9. After writing, conclude

It doesn’t matter what you’re writing on when you are through writing your content, be sure to conclude. Most people do not read the whole of an article, they read the beginning, middle, and end.

Your conclusion is your best chance to convince anyone who has not been following your content diligently.

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10. Read and re-read your work after writing

Your work is your brand. You may want to give it to a better reader to read to ensure perfection. You should never trust your writing proficiency. Give your work to other people to read. They will often spot errors that you may never have spotted.

Writing a very good article takes a lot of patience and time. You shouldn’t be in a hurry to submit it.

Thoroughly read every line and word in the article you have written and be sure to spell-check every word. In this era of auto-correct, your computer autocorrects a word you spelled right and turns the message into something else.

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