What to Avoid During Pregnancy

What to Avoid During Pregnancy is listed and explicated in this article and we do hope you find it informative and instructive.

What to Avoid During Pregnancy

What Pregnant Women Must Avoid
What Pregnant Women Must Avoid – Photo Source: https://www.mnn.com

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What to Avoid During Pregnancy:

1. Smoking

Most likely many pregnant women are not aware that every cigarette they smoke doesn’t just cause damage to the organs of the body, but also harms the baby.

This is because the oxygen taken in by the baby when the mother smokes is no longer healthy oxygen but the Cigarettes.

Research carried out by Health Science Department revealed that every pack of cigarettes contains over 4,500 carbon monoxide chemicals and this makes the heart of the baby beat faster than necessary because these babies depend on the mothers to survive.

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Children whose parents smoke are more likely to suffer from illnesses such as asthma which will require excessive hospital treatment as time passes.

Every pregnant woman should avoid smoking as it can lead to the baby being born at a premature stage or even developing some health problems while in the womb.

Some babies can be underweight probably at an average scale below 250g which is about 8.5oz. These babies are prone to infection and other health issues.

2. Passive Smoking

It is very dangerous for a pregnant woman to live close to any family, friends, or loved one who’s smoking. This is extremely dangerous for a pregnant woman and should be avoided because the pregnant woman and especially the baby will be affected before and after delivery.

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It can cause low birth weight and even cost death in rare cases. During the first four years of a child, it is proven that children whose parents smoke are more likely to develop more health problems.

21,000 children under the age of five are admitted to hospital every year because of the effects of Passive smoke. Psychological factors have proven that even in the womb, a baby’s genetic factor forms while the baby is in the womb.

3. Alcohol

Furthermore, the life of an unborn baby depends on the mother and if a pregnant woman is addicted to alcohol, it gets to the baby through the placenta.

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It is important for every pregnant woman to avoid alcohol for health purposes. The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) suggested that pregnant women should avoid alcohol, especially in the first three months of their pregnancy to prevent having a miscarriage.

In an interview with a health Personnel, he explained that when a pregnant woman drinks alcohol, it passes from her blood, through the placenta to the baby.

Since the liver of the baby is one of the last organs that takes about 2 to 4 months to develop fully, the liver of the baby at such stage cannot process alcohol meaning it becomes toxic to the system of the baby even at that infant stage of life.

This health syndrome develops as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) and children with such syndrome often suffer from facial abnormalities, restricted growth, learning, reading, and behavioral disorders.

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The damages that the baby undergoes due to the intake of alcohol by pregnant women are greater than what they could imagine, thus alcohol must be avoided by pregnant women. Don’t let people pressurize you into drinking, rather protect the life of your baby.

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