Top 70 Best Primary/Secondary Schools in Abuja

Top 70 Best Primary/Secondary  Schools in Abuja are listed herein. This will guide you in the choice of…

Top 70 Best Primary/Secondary  Schools in Abuja are listed herein. This will guide you in the choice of schools for your children.

primary and secondary schools in Abuja

Top 70 Best Primary/Secondary Schools in Abuja
Top 70 Best Primary/Secondary Schools in Abuja – Photo Source:

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When you talk about Nigeria, Abuja is often the first point of call because it currently is the Federal Capital Territory of the Nation and as it stands, it makes the list of the most populated cities in the country.

It is well developed to an extent in terms of infrastructural development. Aside from being the country’s capital territory, Abuja is known as one of the focal points when it comes to a good education.

The educational stakeholders in the territory are devoted to keeping the state in that position. Education in Abuja is an affair that is not toiled with.

The government, as well as individuals,  are putting in their best to ensure maximum information for school owners and stakeholders in the educational sector on the need to constantly improve their teaching and learning methodology.

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The term ‘Best’ connotes excellence. Hence when we refer to the best schools in Abuja, we talk about those schools that have stood out for excellence in academic activities within and outside the school premises, we talk about those schools where you can send your child, and rest assured that his or her future is guaranteed.

In Abuja, there are so many schools that know their onions but have not been able to stand the test of time or are lagging in one area or the other.

Listed in this article are names of schools that made our list of Best Schools in Abuja, both privately owned and Government-owned in no particular order of preference.

Best Schools in Abuja

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Below are the Best Schools in Abuja: 

  1. Christ the King College
  2. Shepherd House Schools
  3. Primark International College
  4. The Centagon International School
  5. Early Heights College
  6. Abraham Lincoln International Schools
  7. Noble Hall Leadership Academy
  8. Pam Viva Academy
  9. Capital Science Academy
  10. EFAB International School
  11. Right way Academy
  12. Tistall Global Schools
  13. Esteem International Schools
  14. Start Rite Schools
  15. Nigerian Turkish International College
  16. Nigeria Ghana international college
  17. Bristol Academy
  18. Angel Crown International School
  19. Marist College
  20. Grace Garden International Schools
  21. I Q Academy
  22. Dove Prime International Schools
  23. Star Rite International Schools
  24. Cornerstone Montessori School
  25. Federal Government Boys College
  26. Lifegate Academy
  27. Unity High School
  28. Bright Future Foundation Schools
  29. La Vogue International schools
  30. Pacesetter College
  31. School for the Gifted
  32. Dominion International Schools
  33. Word of Faith Group of Schools
  34. Parliament International Schools
  35. Pioneer Schools
  36. Imperial Secondary Schools
  37. Government Secondary Schools (Specifically the ones in; Kuje, Nyanya, Gwagwalada, Karu Graki)
  38. American International School
  39. First Choice International Schools
  40. Lead British International School
  41. The Regent Schools
  42. Oasis International College
  43. Abuja English Institute
  44. Things to Come International School
  45. Army Day Nursery, Primary, and Secondary Schools
  46. White Plain British Schools
  47. First Choice International School
  48. Solid Rock International School
  49. Intellichild Schools
  50. Regina Pacis College
  51. Abuja’s Preparatory School
  52. Africa International College
  53. Tiggy Winklers Schools
  54. Arwa Basic Schools
  55. Queen Esther International Schools
  56. Catherina International Academy
  57. Gavolour International College
  58. Glisten International College
  59. Model Secondary School
  60. International Community School
  61. Science Primary School, Kuje
  62. Bankys Private School
  63. Ave Maria Girls Secondary School
  64. Global International College
  65. Ladela Secondary School
  66. Islamic Training Center
  67. Cherry Field College
  68. El Semveco College
  69. Grace Garden International Schools
  70. Peach Potter International Academy

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If you are in Abuja and looking for the best school for your child or ward, locate these schools and you will smile back home. Their fees are considerably low compared to what they have to offer and that is a plus for you.

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