10 Health Benefits of Exclusive Breastfeeding to the Child

10 Health Benefits of Exclusive Breastfeeding to the Child are listed and explained in this article for your perusal.

Types of exclusive breastfeeding

10 Health Benefits of Exclusive Breastfeeding to the Child
Health Benefits of Exclusive Breastfeeding to the Child – Photo Source: https://parenting.firstcry.com

The act of exclusive Breastfeeding is the act of breastfeeding a baby solely with breast milk. Exclusive Breastfeeding has the power to keep the baby from being affected by any common disease and has the capability and the freedom to protect the baby from any unusual harm or loss.

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Naturally, Breast milk offers the particular and exact nutrients that are needed by babies. This article will explore the benefits of exclusive Breastfeeding and its health benefits.

1. Exclusive Breastfeeding reduces the risk of SIDS

SIDS means sudden infant death syndrome. When a baby is born, he or she is exposed to certain atmospheric conditions other than the womb which was termed as being the most comfortable place.

Most babies find it hard to survive under certain conditions as such, exclusive Breastfeeding improves the health being of the child and prevents this syndrome from occurring.

This syndrome likely occurs within the first 12 months of the baby’s existence and rapidly within the first six months of the baby.

As such, it is important to practice exclusive Breastfeeding for at least six months to safeguard the baby from any sudden infant death syndrome.

2. Exclusive Breastfeeding has Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)

Docosahexaenoic acid has polyunsaturated fatty acid which is found in breast milk and supports excellent brain development.

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The observation was carried out in a creché and pre-nursery or daycare school, it was realized that children who are breastfed exclusively within six months promote brilliantly and more intelligently than children who were fed with artificial baby foods.

Exclusive Breastfeeding can develop the brain making the child’s IQ to understand functions smarter and better.

3. Prevention of ear Infection

Exclusive Breastfeeding reduces the baby’s risk of developing or having any middle ear infections. It is a common infection developed by babies under six to twelve months.

4. Decreasing the risk of developing allergies

This is a medical condition that causes the baby to become sick after eating, touching, or breathing for some time. In most cases, the baby can feel exaggerated or show certain pathological immunological reactions (such as sneezing, difficulty breathing, itching, or skin rashes) depending on substances, situations, or any physical states.

Exclusive Breastfeeding reduces this comparable effect on the baby and reduces any chance of developing an allergy.

5. No risk of diabetes especially type 1 diabetes

Exclusive Breastfeeding has zero sugar while other breastfeeding measures contain a greater or small proportional measure of sugar which can be unhealthy for the child.

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the medium of exclusive Breastfeeding decreases the baby’s risk of having diabetes as breast milk has zero sugar.

6. Exclusive Breastfeeding contains good nutrition

This has good nutritional value for every newborn baby. The nutritional continent in Breast milk can not be compared to natural baby foods as it has so much value and can be rated as the best source of nutrition for all babies.

7. Security against Short term and long term

Exclusive Breastfeeding can protect the baby against some short-term and long-term diseases. A baby who is not breastfed often develops some strange illness that can lead to the infant dead.

8. Antibiotics

One of the unique features of exclusive Breastfeeding is that antibiotics are transmitted from the mother to the baby. These antibodies prevent the baby from further sickness and illness.

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9. It reduces the risk of asthma

The risk of asthma is developed at a very tender age due to lack of Breastfeeding. Exclusive Breastfeeding equips the child and prevents the baby from colds and any risk of asthma.

10. Lower risk of  obesity and stomach bugs

The artificial baby food can cause stomach bugs in the child. This is because some sealed foods contain chemicals that have a side effects on the baby.

Exclusive Breastfeeding is more advantageous as it reduces the risk of obesity and prevents the risk of having any stomach bugs.


The baby should have exclusive Breastfeeding so he or she will receive both immediate and lifelong immunities.

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Most medical experts could recommend that exclusive Breastfeeding should be strictly carried out for six months while breastfeeding can be administrated to the child for about one and a half or approximately two years depending on the mother.

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