Teenage Pregnancy Solution

Teenage Pregnancy Solution is provided in this article. This can guide against teenage pregnancy if carefully adhered to.

Teenage Pregnancy Solution

Solutions to Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage Pregnancy Solution
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It’s quite alarming, the rate at which teenage girls become pregnant in Nigeria. These are people who are supposedly the future of this great country but today, they are already in a stage where they cannot comprehend what to do next.

Especially in the riverine areas of Nigeria, there seems to be an alarming rate of teenage pregnancy as 5 out of every 8 girls between the age of 12 to 17 are either pregnant or have had a child or children or sometimes have carried out an abortion.

What is teenage or infant Pregnancy?

This is a situation in which a person who has not fully matured emotionally, physically, psychologically, mentally, and otherwise, becomes pregnant with a child.

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This often leads to rejection by even the man or boy responsible for the pregnancy, peer group, and sometimes, a greater part of the society. Teen pregnancy has left so many young girls destabilized and demoralized for the rest of their lives.  Some of them take it in at their first attempt to have sex while others take it in as a result of a rape.

Teen pregnancy has a lot of adverse effects as primarily, it slows down the girl’s education and sometimes, the girl permanently drops out of school and becomes an untimely or premature mother, dashing all her dreams of being a star or world changer.

Other times, because of the fact that the Fallopian Tube of the girl is not fully developed, there may arise some serious medical complications leading to an unsafe Pregnancy or childbirth.

Teenage Pregnancy Solution:

1. Proper Education

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Ignorance is like darkness that gives room to all manner of negative occurrences. As long as the girl child is not properly educated at home, school, and in religious organizations, she will not know how to guide herself against sexual relations especially when she has not consented.

The government and other stakeholders need to properly sensitize the general population against this menace and ensure that the rights of the girl child are not trampled upon.

2. Proper Monitoring

It is the responsibility of every parent to live their lives with their children in such a way that the children can comfortably open up to them when there is pressure to have sex with someone.

Peer pressure is real and the only person who can help the young girls steer clear from early sexual relations are those who act as parents to the girl whether directly or indirectly.

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3. Strict laws should be made against those responsible for the pregnancy

It is not enough for someone who has just impregnated a teenager to accept responsibility, it should be punishable by law else, a person would just continue to impregnate teenage girls and still claim responsibility not realizing that the damage done to the girl is far beyond accepting responsibility.

4. Condoms should be free or cheaper and the use of it Encouraged

Some teen girls are living in an environment where sex prevails, they are accustomed to tradition. While waiting for them to break free of the spell that could ruin their lives, condoms should be made less expensive or almost given for free so that while the permanent solution is coming, a lot of them would not be found pregnant already.

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In a generation where the teens are rapidly developing into maturity, it is important to know that teenage pregnancy is not something to be proud of, rather, all the relevant government agencies, as well as individuals, should rise up and fight against the cankerworm that is eating into our future generation, else we may live to watch the worse happen.

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