Effects of the Rotation of the Earth

Effects of the Rotation of the Earth are listed and explained herein. We hope you find the article helpful and informative.

Explain the Effects of the Rotation of the Earth

Effects of the Rotation of the Earth
Effects of the Rotation of the Earth – Photo Source: https://www.tutorialathome.in

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When the earth moves around the sun, it is often referred to as the Rotation of the earth. In this case, the earth moves on its axis from the west to the east at an angle of 23A. the earth takes one full day to complete one rotation.

It is usually this rotation that causes the day and night.  When the earth is exposed to more sun, it is said to be day and when it is exposed to less sun, the night sets in. In this article, we will look at the effects of the rotation of the earth.

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Here are the Effects of the Rotation of the Earth:

1. Day and Night

As we earlier discussed, as the rotation of the earth takes place, only a part of the earth is usually exposed to direct sunlight and this causes the exposed part to have light while the other side is in darkness.

The light gotten from the exposure of the earth to the sun is the Day while the sun rays which reflect on the other part of the earth cause darkness with minimal light.

2. Dawn and Dusk

When you hear of dawn, it is that brief period that comes in between sunrise and full daylight. And dusk is the period between the sunset and complete darkness.

These two are a result of the rotation of the earth because, at some point, the earth receives diffused or reflected sunlight, causing dawn or dusk to happen.

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3. Differences in time zones

Have you noticed the countries which are in the eastern parts of the earth have a different time zone than those that are in the western parts?

This is one of the effects is the rotation of the earth. The earth rotates through 360° every 24 hours. This means that for every hour, the kit passes through 15°.

Because it moves from West to East, for every 15°, the East is always one hour ahead of the West. And the West is one hour behind time.

4. Deflection of the current of the Wind and Ocean

The rotation of the earth causes winds and ocean currents to be deflected to the right of the direction in which they move in the Northern Hemisphere and, to the left of this direction in the Southern Hemisphere.

5. Apparent Sunrise and Sunset

During the rotation of the Earth, some part of the earth that emerges from the darkness into the rays of the Sun experiences sunrise while the part that is moving away from the rays of the sun to darkness will experience the sunset.

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6. Daily rising and falling of the tides

When the earth is rotating, it results in the rise and fall of water in the oceans and seas. Because of the rotation of the earth, the forces that produce the tides cause oscillation on the surface of the water which in turn results in the rising and falling in the level of water in the oceans and seas.

The earth’s rotation appears to be a major determinant of the seasons and times as its effect is felt all around even the whole world.

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