Role of Language in Communication

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Role of Language in Communication

The Relationship Between Language and Communication
The Relationship Between Language and Communication – Photo Source:

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Language and communication are so closely related that someone might think of them as the same or a sort of synonym. In this article, efforts will be made to differentiate these two important everyday terminologies and also point out the relationship between these two.

The medium through which a person conveys his feelings, opinions, and standpoint to another person or a group of people is known as language.

In this article, for instance, the English Language is the medium through which the writer is passing across a piece of information or a body of knowledge.

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There are several languages around the world. In Nigeria alone, we have over 200 ethnic groups that speak in a different tongue or language. It is for ease of communication that every country chooses a lingua-franca or what is called an official language.

In Nigeria, although the Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo are the main indigenous languages, the official language is the English Language which everyone in various offices must have proficiency in to take up formal positions or any office at all.

It is important to note that language does not only involve spoken words or the sounds vocally made in the process of transmitting information, it includes written words, signs, posture, gestures, and those things we often refer to as ‘body language.

The language a group speaks varies from those of another group which is usually delineated by geographical location.

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On the other hand, communication is simply the exchange of ideas or messages between persons or from one place to the other through the use of understandable language, sigh, or symbols.

Proper communication is needed for organizations to be smoothly run at all levels. The information must be passed from superiors to inferiors and feedback from the junior to the senior officers.

This is what is known as two-way communication and it is important for organizational and management success.

Communication as a process involves the judicious use of seven elements in this order- sender, encoding, message, channel, receiver, decoding, and feedback. A good communication model must include all the above.

However, communication may be formal, informal, written, oral, or non-verbal. Informal communication is what we often use in our day-to-day activities, from the exchange of pleasantries to buying and selling, to our monthly landlords’ association meetings and the like.

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Without a clear form of communication integrated into our daily lives, division of labor and interdependence on other members of any community.

And this is made possible through language, hence the relationship between language and communication is simply that language is the vehicle that conveys communication.

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