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How to earn money from Facebook page likes

How to monetize Facebook Page

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How to make money on Facebook

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How to Make Money from Facebook
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Facebook for most people is the place where they go occasionally to catch up with old schoolmates and try to be in touch with those who they have lost contact with after relocating simply by typing their name in the search bar.

Many people testify to having reconnected with old-time friends who they lost contact with through Facebook. Does that make Facebook nothing else but a virtual eatery where a reunion with ‘dead’ friendship is resurrected? Is there more to it?

However, we know that it is not uncommon to hear people say that Facebook is archaic and that dynamic people have moved to multi-hued Instagram and also Twitter ─ the headquarters of the savage people on earth ─ but whether people are active or not on Facebook, they own an account and log in to announce important landmarks in their lives, get birthday wishes or send some to their friends. And guess what that means? It means a large audience!

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It is worthy of note that Facebook continues to upgrade the services it renders and it is now clear after several years that the platform will not completely go irrelevant.

Aside from texting friends and sharing memes, there is something to gain from burning your data to read and write on Facebook.

This is something many people have underrated and overlooked for years. Do you know you can make some money off your Facebook account? In this post, we will tell you what conditions need to meet to monetize your Facebook account.

To make money off your Facebook page, you need to choose an audience and begin to curate content to meet the needs of that particular audience.

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This means that you will be careful about the things you post. You will strictly post the things that appeal to your chosen audience.

If you have chosen ‘mothers’ as your audience, you will have to be deliberate about making posts that border on motherhood, right from welcoming a new baby or dealing with a difficult teenage son or daughter.

Secondly, your posts have to be engaging and must contain high-resolution images. This is because, graphics and images are great baits and when they lure a one-time visitor to your page, the visitor might just like and follow your page after seeing all the great information you share.

Add some videos too! We see how comedy kits have come to stay in recent times. Some people have viewed your video even before they realize they were just scrolling pass through their timelines.

Thirdly, the second step will get you to have more followers and page views. And when you have up to 10,000 followers and 30,000 views, brands who patronize Facebook advertising pay you for every view, by placing ads on your page.

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The only way to achieve this in a short time is to interact with your readers and followers, reward top fans and promote your page on other groups.

We wish you all the best!

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